Bloggiesta-mar 23-29This will be my first time joining in on Bloggiesta.  It sounds like so much fun, and the bonus of helpful information about improving my blog(s) is just icing on the cake.

I’ve spent some time going over all the information available at the main Bloggiesta website.  And I think I have a pretty good idea of what is ahead of me this coming week.  I’ve even penciled in some specific time to work on it daily.  Yeah, you could say I’m excited about this.  🙂

My Personal Blog To-Do List

There are many things that I feel need done on my book blogging blogs (yes, I have three).  So this is really a chance to take the time to do these things on all three blogs.  And should it take me longer than the week of Bloggiesta *shrug* oh, well, it takes until it’s done.  But the first blog to be tackled is this one where the posts will be.

  1.   Get social media icons up and linked up
  2.   Clean up the sidebar
  3.   Work on the Pinterest site for KB
  4.   Work on the Facebook page for the combination book blogs
  5.   Put together the TweetDeck and organize/follows
  6.   USE Twitter more – become comfortable with it
  7.   Revise my already written scheduled reviews – have at least 2 weeks done in advance
  8.   Get caught up on librarything, BookLikes, First to Read (GoodReads is up-to-date yay)
  9.   Learn some basic html coding – just enough to do some basics
  10.   Put together a blogging planner

So that’s my list, my commitment for the coming week.  Now to get ready to work.

If anyone else would like to join in as well, just follow the link by clicking on the graphic or go here to the Sign Up Page.