Sing Me Back Home by Eve Gaddy

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sing-me-back-homeTitle:  Sing Me Back Home
Series:  The Gallaghers of Montana #1
Author:  Eve Gaddy
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  September 22, 2014
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Own Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Dr. Jack Gallagher, one of Marietta, Montana’s most eligible bachelors, hasn’t been serious about a woman since his wife died five years ago. He’s been content to date occasionally, practice medicine and raise his teenage daughter.

Then happily divorced former fashion model, Maya Parrish, moves back to Marietta, with her own teenaged daughter in tow forcing Jack to rethink his casual dates only rule. Maya, Jack’s high school girlfriend and almost fiancee, may have broken his heart the night of their high school graduation, but the moment Jack and Maya meet again, all the sizzle and sparks, and then some, come rushing back.

Maya is ready to give love a second try. Jack isn’t sure he can take that chance again. He knows how quickly happiness can be ripped away, leaving heartbreak in its place. Can a mad, passionate affair last or will it burn itself out as quickly as it began?

Titles in this series include:  Sing Me Back Home – Love Me, Cowgirl – The Doctor’s Christmas Proposal  AND because Tule Publishing often has titles in more than one set of series this is also connected to The 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo and the Montana Born Homecoming series as well

Maya was back in town, back home in Marietta to stay.  If Jack had heard that line a hundred times in the last 24 house, it would be a low estimate.  Sure, lots of folks were simply excited that a famous former model was now living in their small town.  Others knew of the history he and Maya shared and were looking to get a reaction from him – one to feed the already choked gossip mill.  At one time he’d believed his life would be wrapped around Maya securely and forever.  Fate had other plans, Maya had a fantastic job offer in Texas modeling, Jack had a marriage proposal to offer – then an ultimatum that cost his the woman he’d loved.  He’d learned a lesson in that moment, ultimatums don’t get you what you want instead, they cost you what you need.

It was strange to be back in Marietta again.  Her life had taken quite a few turns since leaving as an optimistic yet brokenhearted young woman.  She’d married and divorced, knowing that they should have remained friends not lovers.  But she couldn’t regret it for that union did give her the lively teenage daughter she adored, so how could it have been so wrong.  Inheriting the house on Bramble Lane was a sign to get out of the big city, give Carmen a life of safely and value in her small hometown… and maybe see what life still had to offer her.

Maya and Jack’s reunion was perhaps inevitable, there might have been marriages, children and rough times in between for them both – but some loves never die they simply hide and wait for their moment to come alive again.  That’s not to say there won’t be some rocky moments and an impressive hissy fit which delivered some fantastic one liners to get through first.  A few hard lessons to be learned, and a second chance impossible to resist – that’s what fate had in store for Maya and Jack.

Sing Me Back Home is such an emotional reunited romance.  At times life is hard and futures that we once were so sure of change.  Yet life moves on as it should – and if we let it.  I enjoyed Maya and Jack’s romance very much.  Neither one was perfect, they each made mistakes – but where it mattered most they were the perfect fit.  And you can’t ask much more of life than that.

Jack is the first Gallagher to have his romantic moment, soon his brothers and hopefully his sister will follow along this path.  If you’re looking for a good, solid romance and enjoy series then Sing Me Back Home is a perfect match for you as well.  Enjoy.

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