Snowbound in Montana by C J Carmichael

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Snowbound in MontanaTitle:  Snowbound in Montana
Series:  Carrigans of Circle C #4, Christmas Romance
Author:  C J Carmichael
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  October 23, 2014
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

When Eliza Bramble signs up for a Christmas mountain ski adventure with sexy mountain guide Marshal McKenzie, she’s looking to escape the attention of a two-timing charmer and find some inner peace. Instead, a blizzard traps her in a remote mountain hideaway with Marshall and two other families in need of their own Christmas miracles.

Christmas is looking like a write-off, until Marshall suggests they make the best of what they have, and work together. The avid outdoorsman has a special touch with people…and with Eliza in particular. Soon she realizes Marshall isn’t just fixing Christmas — but her broken heart, too.

Read on for my thoughts on Snowbound in Montana.  No true spoilers, promise.

The very last thing Eliza wanted was to run into her ex-boyfriend, country music star, John Urban at her Bed & Breakfast over Christmas.  Yes, she was so over him, the cheating, lying jerk… until she actually saw him, then she always felt her resolve weaken.  Not going to happen this year because she wasn’t going to be there.  The ski trip to the remote ski lodge in the mountains was exactly what she needed this Christmas.

Except… everything did not go quite as planned.  The bus was full of other skiers headed out to the lodge, and they were a motley crew of ages and attitudes.  Marshall had headed up these trips for years now and was confident that once they hit the lodge and the slopes some of the irritants would smooth out.  If he watched over Eliza a little more than the others, or if he had wished she’d sat in the front with him instead of scuttling to the very back – well, that was on him.

At first the snow was beautiful and changed the landscape into a lovely Christmas card appearance… until it didn’t stop.  And the snow piled up, the temperatures dropped and the mountains surrounding Marietta, Montana got hit with the first huge blizzard in years.  With the roads to the mountain lodge closed due to the large snowdrop, no deliveries were coming any time soon, nor the off-site workers either.  Soon those small irritations would grow to gigantic proportions as guests realized that they were indeed snowbound with no outside help and only the supplies already on hand.

Snowbound in Montana is a charming story of making do with what you have, and changing attitudes about everything in your life.  Since Eliza ran a Bed & Breakfast she knew what the only staff person on site was facing, and she gladly pitched in where she could to help.  But every other guest seemed to pull their Scrooge attitudes around them like a fuzzy blanket and make a bad situation worse by the minute.  The attraction is there between Marshall and Eliza, although Eliza is fighting it because she believes that the love of her life has passed her by and she’s not looking for or trusting that anyone else can be that man.  Marshall deals with his own issues of self-worth, from different reasons than Eliza, but still powerful enough to hold him back just a bit.  Their romance is a slow build that the reader realizes long before they do that these two would be just right for each other.

I enjoyed Snowbound in Montana very much.  It is a sweet story of how even when everything seems to go wrong, you can still find the Christmas magic if you simply look for it.  I would recommend this story for your Christmas reading list – it’s one that I’ll read again each Christmas.

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