Sound of Darkness by Heather Graham

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The cries of the dead are deafening

Women are being taken in Virginia, and FBI agent Mark Gallagher is determined to put a stop to it. Certain he’s closing in on the killer known as The Embracer, Mark is less than thrilled when he’s partnered with rookie agent Colleen Law, worried she’s a liability when there’s so much at stake.

But like everyone in the Krewe of Hunters, Colleen has talents that extend beyond the usual investigative toolbox. She can hear the voices of the victims in her head, and they’re telling her she and Mark are near to uncovering the truth.

When Mark’s prime suspect takes a liking to Colleen, he’s surprisingly protective of his new partner, even as he admits her connection to the victims is key. But tense interrogations turn dangerously personal when someone close to Colleen goes missing, luring the agents deep into the shadows of wooded rural Virginia, where nobody can hear them scream.

The Krewe of Hunters world is vast; most of the novels are part of a trilogy which then moved on to the next case that will begin a new trilogy.

Titles in this trilogy portion of the entire series include — Sound of Darkness —♦— Aura of Night —♦— Voice of Fear —♦—

The entire Krewe of Hunters series includes — Phantom Evil —◊— Heart of Evil —◊— Sacred Evil —◊— The Evil Inside —◊— The Unseen —◊— The Unholy —◊— The Unspoken —◊— The Uninvited —◊—  The Night Is Watching —◊— The Night Is Alive —◊— The Night Is Forever —◊— The Cursed —◊— The Hexed —◊— The Betrayed —◊— The Silenced —◊— The Forgotten —◊— The Hidden —◊— Haunted Destiny —◊— Deadly Fate —◊— Darkest Journey —◊— Dying Breath —◊— Dark Rites —◊— Wicked Deeds —◊— Fade to Black —◊— Pale as Death —◊— Echoes of Evil —◊— The Summoning —◊— The Seekers —◊— The Stalking —◊— Seeing Darkness —◊—Deadly Touch —◊—Dreaming Death —◊—  The Unforgiven —◊— The Forbidden —◊— The Unknown —◊— Sound of Darkness —◊— Aura of Night —◊— Voice of Fear —◊—

While I’ve read the entire Krewe of Hunters series over the years, I have not reviewed each novel, and to go back now would be quite daunting and time-consuming.  So, I stick to reviewing the more current trilogy.  

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Sound of Darkness
Series:  Krewe of Hunters #36
Author:  Heather Graham
Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Published:  May 24, 2022
Publisher:  MIRA
My Rating:  4.5

Krewe member Mark Gallagher is certain he’s close to capturing the man he’s after… and he certainly doesn’t need a rookie agent tagging along getting in his way.  So she says she can hear the voices of the victims; every Krewe member has their own unique skills, but he didn’t want to babysit.  He had a killer to capture.  He and his dog, Red, and fellow Krewe partner, Ragnar Johansen were so close, separating them now made no sense.  Except there’s more to this case than they thought, and now another woman’s life is in danger if they don’t find her… now.

Colleen Law came into her abilities at a rather young age.  She’s always been able to hear the voices and prays that she’s hearing the still living and can get to them in time to help.  She’s well aware that Mark doesn’t really want her on this case; Ragnar isn’t as bad but, well, come on guys everyone was a rookie at some point.  Then she made a discovery and saved a life, so perhaps now they’d put a bit more faith into what she can bring to the team.  But their work is cut out for this team of hunters because not everything is as it seems in this case.

Sound of Darkness starts the next trilogy within the huge Krewe of Hunters series.  We’ll be watching teams deal with The Embracer… or will we?  There are some twists in store, our departed police officer gives a bit of help along the way, and two people will learn to trust each other and perhaps, fall in love along the way.  I had my favorite suspect; was I right?  Not telling, but the action is fast, the danger intense, and this story satisfying.  Hard to ask for more than that.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in print, audio, or for your favorite e-reader




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