She’s a kitchen witch who can’t cook and there’s a dead guy haunting her dreams. When Tamsyn’s life starts to feel like one big hex, will moving to her aunt’s B&B on a remote Maine island work like a charm, or be her worst choice ever?

Tamsyn Bassett is having a bad week. Like, losing your job and getting dumped by your boyfriend kind of bad. So when her great aunt invites her to spend the summer at her inn, Tamsyn jumps at the chance. Instead of the peaceful getaway she expected, she’s immediately confronted with the preposterous revelation that she’s descended from a long line of kitchen witches and is the last hope of her generation to keep magic alive in Pinecroft Cove. That she’s the world’s worst cook could be an issue.

As if navigating a strange new world of spells, magic, and exploding blueberry pies isn’t enough to handle, that awkward boy who had a crush on her when they were kids seems to turn up everywhere she looks. Only now that he’s a super dreamy doctor, it’s Tamsyn’s turn to be the awkward one. If she didn’t know better, she’d swear someone put a hex on her.

One more thing. Tamsyn’s pretty sure she’s being haunted, and not by just any ghost but by Doctor Dreamy’s dead uncle. If she can’t harness her powers in time to figure out the truth behind his mysterious death, she may never have a moment of peace again.

When death strikes the island’s controversial real estate mogul, will Tamsyn’s newly discovered powers be any match for murder?

Titles in The Witches of Pinecroft Cove series include – Spirits, Pies & Alibis – Covens, Cake & Big Mistakes – Magic, Lead, and Gingerbread –

Title:  Spirits, Pies & Alibis
Series:  The Witches of Pinecroft Cove #1
Author:  Nicole St. Claire
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Published:  September 13, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

Spirits, Pies & Alibis is the first story in The Witches of Pinecroft Cove series – and it completely captured my attention, and my enjoyment, from the first page onward.  Of course, there is some world-building in this first book, there has to be, yet I wasn’t overwhelmed by it and the feel of the island, the characters, and some of their interactions was delivered quite naturally through dialogue or narrative.

Everything you truly need to know before picking up Spirits, Pies & Alibis can be found in the Cover Description.  What you won’t find there is a sense of involvement with the characters you’ll feel very quickly, the intensity of the mystery (which is very good and well handled) or how you’ll be fully engaged with this mystery as clues are revealed and red herrings tossed about.  I had a blast with Tamsyn and crew, I believe you’ll feel that connection as well.  As always with a Paranormal Cozy Mystery, I’m very careful about spoilers – so to be blunt and not talk about the actual plot, I believe if you’re addicted to Paranormal Cozy Mystery series (like I am) that you’ll feel right at home and will discover a new author, a new series to follow.  The characters and their experiences are very realistic (for the genre), the mystery solid, the hint of romance is there for the future, and the tight community is on view for all to see.  I enjoyed myself here and intend to return for another visit in a few days.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Available in paperback, audio, and for the Kindle