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I have loved visiting the blogs that follow The Sunday Post and decided that it’s time to join up myself.  Hey, you can never have enough book-friends, right?

Away from the Keyboard News –

For the last month, I’ve been sorta quiet and there have been a few reasons for that.  One reason is simply amazing – the other sucked sour pickle juice.  My amazing news is that I finally got brave and had cataracts removed from both eyes, about 2 weeks or so apart.  I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful the world truly is when you can actually see it.  My final appt. is this coming week for the last checkup and glasses for distance.  Now here is something I never knew, you actually have a choice to be near-sighted or far-sighted after this surgery because the lens is removed (that’s what the cataract is growing on) and basically, a grounded pair of glasses in the form of the new lens is the replacement.  Really, I had no clue, and of course, I said let me see up close again without glasses!  *huge grin*  I’ll need glasses to see distance and that is part of what this week’s appointment is about.

This week’s sucky part was hosting troubles.  *pulls hair out by the fistfuls*  I have my Keeper Bookshelf, which is my main blog, but I also have a few smaller, genre-specific blogs that are for fun in a different way.  This past week my hosting company decided to lock me out of my blogs for the stupidest reason around (and yes, you would be correct that they are no longer my hosting company).  So in the past 3 months, my blogs have gone dark for no good reason 5 times, nothing I’ve done to break TOS, just company reasons that make no sense.  My answer to their latest shenanigans was fine then I’m moving to a hosting company that actually wants my money and is willing to work with customers to solve problems not say “Sorry, that’s above my paygrade to answer or help with.”   I’m not going to badmouth them, it is what it is, poor customer service and it’s my money and I can make a choice to spend it elsewhere.  So, we shall see if those going dark problems disappear with a new host.  *fingers tightly crossed*

An upcoming project is to consolidate some of those smaller blogs that aren’t getting the attention I’d hoped for back into Keeper Bookshelf.  It’s okay, they were an experiment really as to what those who visit me really enjoy so I’m learning my audience and catering to them in a better way by this move.  It’s just going to take some time to make those changes.  So, this summer, it looks like I’ve got my hands full with some blog management but in the end, it will all be for the best.  I do this because I love sharing my love of books with others, and I enjoy the company as well.  But the bottom line is I do this for fun, for my entertainment so I might as well make it easy for myself.

Coming up Next Week on KB

Next week I have 16 publication day reviews to get up on the blog.  Oh, the majority of them are done and scheduled to go live but there are still 2, I think, that need finishing touches to.  Up to now, I’ve only been comfortable doing publication day releases or the day before release reviews.  But, I think that needs to change a bit.  How far in advance do you do reviews?  Do you have a set pattern, or simply when you get the story read?  My hesitation has always been – how far ahead does a review actually make sense for the author or the publishing house?  I get they want the hype, but sometimes it seems I see reviews that are months ahead, and for me, personally, I’d forget what I read in a review that far away.  But that’s me.  Any thoughts you’re willing to share are greatly appreciated.

The Latest Book Hauls

Last week I picked up Lindsay Pryor’s finale to her Blackthorn series – Blood Broken.  I’ve loved this series, even though I didn’t get reviews up for all of them and it’s always a sad moment to say good-bye to a series I’ve enjoyed.  But, there is also the anticipation of what is coming next.

NetGalley haul was small as I picked up a few titles from Tule Publishing – I’m addicted to their Romances.

And Amazon had me one-clicking on two now completed series from Harlequin – I love when I can binge-read a series without waiting for the next installment.  Sometimes coming late to the party is not a bad thing.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for letting me ramble a bit on this first Sunday Post.  I promise I won’t always be so long-winded.  *grins with fingers crossed on that promise*  But I’m excited to be sharing, and not having my nose one inch from the monitor to see what I’m typing.  (you have no idea how awesome that feeling is)  And now, I’m off to visit some of your Sunday Posts – a cool way to spend a Sunday in my opinion.