Sunny Days At The Beach by Morton S. Gray

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From party nights at the pub to sunny days at the beach …

Craft shop owner Mandy Vanes has always enjoyed a commitment-free singleton lifestyle — in fact, she’s well-known for her wild ways in her small seaside town on the coast.

But when local teenager, Nick Crossten, turns to her for help, Mandy has the opportunity to prove she can be a responsible adult. Although things get tricky when gin distillery owner Graham Frankley comes to town with some unexpected news.

Could this mean that Mandy the party girl is finally ready to grow up?

Titles in the Borteen Secrets series include — The Girl on the Beach – The Truth Lies Buried – Christmas at Borteen Bay – Sunny Days at the Beach

Title:  Sunny Days at the Beach
Series:  Borteen Secrets
Author:  Morton S. Gray
Genre:  Romance
Published:  August 18, 2020
Publisher:  Choc Lit
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s time to head back to Borteen with Mandy’s story in ‘Sunny Days at the Beach‘.  If you’ve read any of the stories set in Borteen then you’ll know that this is a lively little coastal town full of mysteries and intriguing people.  While I enjoy reading connecting stories in order, you don’t absolutely have to have read the earlier books set here.  But we’re going to be running into some very familiar faces so I would gently encourage you to check them out at some point for I’ve enjoyed each one and I believe you would as well.  Don’t worry though, anything you’d really need to know from a previous story is mentioned in narrative or dialogue so you would not be the least bit lost.

This time we’ll mostly have three characters’ lives to get a bit more deeply caught up in – Mandy and Nick we already know, the newcomer who adds some mystery is Graham.  Nick has an amazing artistic talent that even now, as a teen, he is showing such great promise with his paintings.  In many ways, Mandy has sort of taken Nick under her wing and become a friend he can turn to – especially considering his home life.  Yet a stranger is about to bring some unsettling news to Nick – and a romantic encounter to Mandy.  Once the dust settles, lives are going to be changed… but it’s the journey to that ending that is so well worth the time and emotional engagement to any reader.

I frankly adored Mandy.  As the town’s wild child, Mandy has lived a full and interesting life so far, and it’s about to get a bit more so as Graham enters the picture.  I think I ran through the entire gambit of emotions in ‘Sunny Days at the Beach‘, for it’s not all light and love there are some deeper threads that had me angry on another’s behalf and concerned for their well-being and their future.  Yet there is that love of friendship, of caring for another’s situation, and of course, falling in love yourself.  I had a blast back in Borteen, and I suspect you would, too.  Go check it out for yourself!

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, ChocLit (Ruby Fiction). That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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