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Lake of DreamsTitle:  Lake of Dreams
Author:  Linda Howard
Genre:  Contemporary & Paranormal Romance
Published: REPRINT pub.  May 2, 2016 (Original anthology May 1, 1995)
Publisher:  Pocket Stars
My Rating:  3 stars
Source:  NetGalley
Cover Description:

Dreams and reality collide—with potentially deadly consequences—in this stunning novella from New York Timesbestselling author Linda Howard, available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an unbeatable price!

House painter Thea Marlow hasn’t been sleeping very well. Her nights are plagued by dreams, the setting by the water and the mysterious man who appears in them always the same. But the outcome of the dream changes nightly: sometimes the man loves her…and sometimes he kills her. Desperate for some much needed relaxation, Thea travels to her family’s remote country lake house. Imagine her surprise when a knock at the door reveals the man from her dreams…who happens to have just rented the house next door.

So will he love her—or will he kill her?

Originally published in the anthology Everlasting Love by Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Lael Miller, Kasey Michaels and Carla Neggers.

Read on for my thoughts on Lake of Dreams.  No true spoilers, promise.

Up Close and Dangerous LHoward

Bailey Wingate’s life got complicated the moment she agreed to marry James Wingate.  Sure she got a very nice lifestyle out of the deal – but there is always a drawback to the “perfect” deal.  In this case that small detail involved her step-children and their extreme hatred of her.

But did they hate her enough to commit murder?

When James Wingate died he left the care and control of his children’s trust funds to Bailey – with a monthly allowance to be doled out which they thought was well beneath their rights as heirs.

To them Bailey was a stone cold witch and they did everything in their power to keep her aware of their opinions.

But was she really the money grabbing bitch the elite, rich community, as well as her step-children,  thought her to be?

Cameron Justice, along with his friend and partner Bret Larson owned J&L Executive Air Limo.  Both had a long relationship with military flying before deciding on building their own business.  Bret was easy going – Cam was intense, and took no nonsense from his rich clients.  Like that rich bitch Bailey Wingate, with her ton of over packed suitcases and the oversized sunglasses that kept her opinion of the world well hidden.

Bailey’s opinion of Cam wasn’t much better.  Too bad that they were stuck together on this trip to Denver.  Damn Bret’s allergic reaction to cats.

Bailey and Cam had managed to ignore each other for most the the flight.

Until the engines went silent.  And the mountain loomed in front of them with no way to rise above it.

Shadow Woman LHowardStepping from the shower, Lizette Henry grabs a towel to wrap around her wet hair and one to dry off with.  Tossing on a robe she ventures into the kitchen for that desperately needed first cup of coffee.  Wandering back to the bathroom to dry and style her hair she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

But.  That wasn’t her reflection in the mirror.

So begins Linda Howard’s Shadow Woman.

We are drawn into Lizette’s panic as she tries to understand what is happening to her.  She remembers her life, of course she does.  So why doesn’t she look like she should?

Her first instinct is to reach out for help from her friend – but halfway to the phone she thinks, “No, if I call someone they will know”.

Drenching sweat, nausea rolling through her stomach and a blinding, pain filled headache follow that thought.

Rousing herself enough to call in to her manager that she was ill yet another shock hit her.  It seems in her 3 years of work she has never used a single sick day.  But wait – she had been with the company for 5 years.  Why would her supervisor say only 3 years… and why couldn’t she remember those missing 2 years?