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Preorder Gems: Best Man for the Wedding Planner by Donna Alward & The Rancher’s Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart

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Preorder Gems is a new feature here at Keeper Bookshelf – I’m test driving it a bit early as I originally intended this for the New Year.  I don’t often place preorders for books unless it’s a favorite author in a series I don’t want to miss.  Usually that’s because I work on a book budget, and I know that many authors have that first week of publication special prices on their titles, so I wait to see what it’s going to cost me.  In other cases I know from the beginning that a particular publishing house never, ever discounts a title during that first week – the price is what the price is forever, unless maybe a special code that’s across the entire line.  And… admittedly, sometimes I’m contacted by an author for a book review request and I make the decision to purchase my own copy or not…. and honestly, that depends on the book budget, and whether it’s a series that I believe I’ll follow through to the end especially in a multi-author series.

So, this morning I just received two preordered books, both from Harlequin.  One is the next book in a series I’ve followed, the other is the start of a brand new series.  Let’s check them out:

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