Target in Jeopardy by Carla Cassidy

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A prodigal Colton comes home…

…to the shock of his life!

Grieving the loss of his late wife, Dallas Colton rarely lets his guard down. The one time he indulges in a wild night of passion, it yields unexpected results.

Seven months later, Dallas finds himself expecting twins with prosecutor Avery Logan—and working to protect Avery from criminals who want her dead.

But when long-buried secrets rise from the grave, their growing family is soon under siege.

Target in Jeopardy is the 3rd title in the multi-author series Colton 911.  For a listing of titles and authors in this series, and links to reviews done here at Keeper Bookshelf please check out our Colton 911 page.

Title:  Target in Jeopardy
Series:  Colton 911 #3
Author:  Carla Cassidy
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  September 1, 2019
Publisher:  Harlequin
My Rating:  4.5 stars

TARGET IN JEOPARDY is my favorite story from this mini-series, so far anyway.  It’s a chilling story with an underlying slow burn of two people who swore they’d never love again finding themselves as the soon-to-be parents of twins who need to mesh their lives together for the sake of those babies.  What they didn’t expect was the danger they face – or the attraction that was always there flaring into a love that could last a lifetime.

Avery and Dallas fit together so well, no animosity about her pregnancy, no accusations about the intent of suddenly bringing babies into the world – simply acceptance, a willingness to work together to give a little boy and a little girl a steady, safe home, even if their parents are friends not wed.  I liked them both, individually and knew they belonged together eventually.  The story starts off steady with an underlying threat that builds slowly, steadily throughout the first half of their romance.  I was drawn in easily by what was happening, it made sense, it didn’t feel the least bit rushed.  The feeling I’d describe would be “natural” a very natural progression of two people sharing the responsibility of becoming parents and learning about each other along the way to friendship.

Of course, things escalate but not before I’m struck by an event, a reveal that took me completely by surprise.  I wasn’t expecting “that” at all but it does open up more questions to be answered.

I enjoyed the pace of TARGET IN JEOPARDY.  I was comfortable with this couple, surprised when I needed to be, and always love the happy ever after ending that eventually comes to Dallas and Avery.  You “could” read this story on its own, but you’ll get more background information about the ongoing threads woven through this mini-series if you can start with the first book – but that’s my opinion.  I’d not hesitate to recommend this story or the mini-series that it’s a part of to any reader of Romance or Romantic Suspense.  Loved this one and cannot wait for next month’s DEADLY TEXAS REUNION.

I own a Kindle edition of Target in Jeopardy.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle


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