TBR Tower of Doom (purchased books)

I love to read, in fact, I read daily often in several genres one after the other (I could never keep more than one book straight in my mind).  So, yes I do indeed have an already purchased To Be Read Tower of Doom on my Kindle right now… right this freakin’ minute.  And – I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll probably add to that tower soon, since tomorrow is the 1st of the month and the new Harlequin releases will be available (totally separate page for that fun).

What is annoying is the fact that I’ll get an email for a ‘free’ or reduced-price book by an author I enjoy, click over to Amazon (or wherever) only to discover that I already own said book… *huge sigh*  So I have to come up with some system to keep track of books I own, decided that I needed to read them, but got ‘shiny object syndrome’ when another new book came along.  I’m going to try the page approach and see how that works out.

This is the parent page but the year pages will follow.  In truth, this is probably more for my benefit than my visitors but who knows – it may give you a few book ideas along the way as well.  Starting with:

TBR Tower of Doom 2020


TBR Tower of Doom 2021