TBR Tower of Doom 2021

The length of this page will change over time – from additions – and from substractions as I read and review books I already own.  Most I outright purchased at full price… but others were series starters that were free, others were part of a series at a reduced price (usually older in the series books), and lastly are the books at under a dollar at release but expected to increase in price shortly.  I’m not separating them out.  I have two newer blogs that I specifically bought books for – those go on the newer blog “TBR” page. 🙂

So, here we go with the books I purchased in the hopeful year of 2021 (we may be into the next year but so far this one still feels like 2020)!

  • The Forever Girl by Jill Shalvis (Wildstone #6)
  • The Parker Women by Kay Correll (Moonbeam Bay #1)
  • Still Standing by Kristen Ashley (Wild West MC (Chaos related) #1)
  • How About No by Lani Lyn Vale (Bear Bottom Guardians MC #3)
  • Wild Wind by Kristen Ashley (Chaos novella)