Temporary Wife Temptation by Jayci Lee

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Much more than he bargained for…

“You want me to find you a wife?”

“No. I want you to be my wife.”

Garrett Song is this close to taking the reins of his family’s LA fashion empire…until the Song matriarch insists he marries her handpicked bride first.

To block her matchmaking, he recruits Natalie Sobol to pose as his wife. She needs a fake spouse as badly as he does.

But when passion burns down their chaste agreement, the flames could destroy them all…

Titles in the Heirs of Hansol series include – Temporary Wife Temptation




Title:  Temporary Wife Temptation
Series:  Heirs of Hansol #1
Author:  Jayci Lee
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Temporary Wife Temptation is the first title in the Heirs of Hansol series, and as the first story (and the debut), Garrett and Natalie pack a very powerful emotional punch… even when those emotions are hidden behind very high personal walls.

First before the story parts – Look at that cover!  Really!  He has an arrogance in his stance yet his face can’t quite believe this lovely creature in his arms.  Her trust in this man, the secure holding onto, the look on her face, that’s a woman in love.  I’ve watched this book make the pre-release rounds of Twitter and on the retail spots and was always captured by that cover.  I never had a doubt in my mind that I wanted to read that book upon release.  And Temporary Wife Temptation lived up to every expectation of mine – and then some.

To be brief (and trying to not give away spoilers) Garrett and Natalie’s romance begins as a marriage of convenience since Garrett has no intention of marrying the woman his grandmother’s picked out for him as a business marriage/merger.  He’s not about to lose the CEO position of his family’s retail empire, but he also has every intention of marrying who he chooses, when he finds the woman he can love for a lifetime.  Garrett has some emotional demons to battle, but on this, he will not stand down.  So.  Enter a woman who needs a marriage just as much, if not more, than he does.  Natalie knows she’s perfect for the HR position, she also knows that she will do anything in her power to ensure that the adoption of her niece goes smoothly with no chance of failure.  Who better to marry than one of the most powerful men and families around?  They both have something the other needs, at least temporarily, and a fake marriage will get them their heart’s desires.  But what happens when those pesky emotions start sliding into the fake relationship?

I had such a good time with Temporary Wife Temptation.  I learned more about Koren culture, traditions, I definitely fell in love with a little girl who I hope we’ll meet up with again later in the series, and found two people who work so well together, who fit perfectly – once they get out of their own ways.  Yes, there were the expected potholes along the journey to Garrett’s and Natalie’s happy ever after.  And there were foolish decisions, silly mistakes (looking right at you, Garrett) as well.  But, in the end, the love they were feeling, even when unexpected, was more important than anything else going on around them.  Secondary characters will often make or break a story for me, but this time I simply want more of these lively people and I cannot wait to get my hands on the stories to come where I hope to learn so much more.

It’s safe to say that I’ve found another auto-buy author for myself in Jayci Lee.  Temporary Wife Temptation is a stunning debut, it flowed smoothly, believably with only a couple hiccups (but then authors I’ve read for years do that, too).  In all, I had a fantastic time in this world and I’m already looking forward to the next visit.

I own a Kindle edition of Temporary Wife Temptation.

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