Tempting the Tailor by Christine Sterling

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A widow who thought she would never love again.

A widower still mourning his dead wife.

An angel determined to give them a second chance at love.

After her beloved husband passed, widow Frances Brown thought love was meant for the young, not her. Hired to keep house and act as a chaperone for a young lady, Frances finally had something to fill her days. What she didn’t count on was meeting the young lady’s bitter father, Hal Stockton.

Hal Stockton is still mourning the loss of his wife, his home and his job. On the run with his daughter, he ends up in Creede, Colorado and takes on a new role as owner of a garment business, thanks to his now son-in-law. Though life will never be what it was, his world begins to look brighter until he meets the outspoken, passionate, and no-nonsense firecracker who is nothing like his wife.

When Hal starts spending more time with Frances, will he be able to let his guard down enough to invite a woman into his heart once more? Will Frances convince Hal to let go of his bitterness? Will the Pennyworths be able to convince them both that love is better the second time around?

Tempting the Tailor is the 44th title in the multi-author series, Cowboys and Angels   For a complete list of titles and authors in this series please visit the Cowboys and Angels page.

(Now that the Cowboys and Angels series has ended with the 49th title – I need to binge read to catch up – be sure to look for the spin-off The Matchmaker’s Ball series)

Title:  Tempting the Tailor
Series:  Cowboys and Angels #44
Author:  Christine Sterling
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  July 24, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

We’ve met the Stockton family in Cassie’s story and in her brother Charlie’s story.   In the background has been their loving father, Hal.  Now this gentleman will have a visit from one very special angel, and Frances will receive a visit from that angel’s wife for these angels are the Pennyworths and to me, they are very special angels indeed.  Both Frances and Hal have loved, married, and lost the loves of their lives when death took them – yet, love knows no age limits and these two will get a special matchmaking push from two angels who know what true love is.

TEMPTING THE TAILOR is a sweet, enjoyable romance of two people who believed, mistakenly, that their chance for love has come and gone.  The earlier part of this story is a recapping of Cassie and Hal arriving in Creede, and also a bit of Charlie’s arrival as well.  It’s necessary if you haven’t read the earlier stories, and a reminder of who characters are in such a long series is never unnecessary.  There is a bit of a mystery here, and the resolution of that part of the story was well played with a few surprises for the reader and a character as well.  Hal’s foolish pride will get in his way until a gentle push from his guardian angel gets his attention.  It’s always fun for me to run into the residents of Creede, CO and this time was no different.  I loved stepping back into this world once again and would definitely recommend this story or the entire series to any reader who loves a good story, interesting characters, and an angel’s touch.

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