Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #2

Posted December 1, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 8 Comments

*wipes brow* Whew!  Survived a rough week and came out the other side still smiling, still functional, still getting my feet back under me from the stomach flu that ran rampant through my family.  I feel like singing “I Will Survive” quite loudly.  🙂

I’ve decided to add my own weekly wrap up to everyone else’s over at Caffeinated Reviewer.  Kimberly has created such a welcoming feature/meme with the Sunday Post that this is the perfect way to keep me accountable by also posting over there.  The link is up above, so go visit if you haven’t already discovered this pretty amazing woman’s site.  I always (always) come away with more book ideas, end up spending book money (I’m sure Amazon loves when I go visit a Sunday Post offering) and discover lovely blogs.  So you should check it out, soon.

How in the world did it get to be December 1st?  I mean – really, how?  I’ve accomplished some of what I’ve got written in that cute planner of mine, but certainly not all that I had intended.  And… I need to map out the changes and plans for my two blogs for 2020 (like now) so I can start the scheduling of posts for 2020.

Do you hold over unfulfilled plans from the previous year… or rework them into something different… or just scrap them?  I kinda do a combination of all of that.  Some things that sounded like the greatest idea ever – weren’t, so those get scrapped.  Then I usually rework the things that didn’t get done but still really need to be accomplished in maybe a different format or plan.  If it couldn’t get my attention last year then I have to change it up to work next year – or at least that’s my thinking on unfulfilled blog goals.

I’ve managed to get almost caught up from the 7-10 days when I could barely sit at the computer for more than half an hour – still have 4 reviews that need up today so they’ll be in that “publication week” deadline.  Life happens to all of us, but I try very hard when that happens to at least get reviews that I’ve committed to up and online before the start of the next “publication week” for the next round of releases.  Sometimes I win that battle, sometimes I lose depending on how hard “life” hit that time.  But I’m feeling good that I’ll be caught up and able to get to work on scheduled posts as well as current ones in the next day or so.  Not bad really, not after coming back looking like a “Walking Dead” extra with really bad zombie makeup.  🙂

Okay, I think that’s gonna wrap it up.  I will start listing the reviews done and the ones scheduled at some point, probably nearer to the New Year.  I truly want to be a bit more organized before I start that so I need another week or so to pull that schedule together.

I hope your week is awesome and full of really, really good books!



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8 responses to “Thank Goodness This Week Is A Wrap! #2

  1. Keira

    Congrats on surviving the flu!

    Reevaluating goals sounds like a smart way to move forward. My to-do list follows me into the next year. I have the major pieces of my list–book releases–planned through 2021. Smaller tasks get moved around as needed. When life hits me like a wrecking ball, I adjust my planner.

    • Marsha

      Thanks, Keira, on the flu survival. It was ugly, very very ugly.. but it’s done hopefully for the season but who knows.

      I tend to hold on to the things that have worked and just move them forward to the coming year. It’s the stuff that didn’t work where I have to spend time figuring out what – if anything – I can do. “planned through 2021” Girl, I’m green with envy! 🙂

    • Marsha

      One week at a time works for me most of the time – it’s those long-term goals like getting a month of posts scheduled ready to go in case I can’t be online for whatever reason… those are the goals that come back to bite me, and the ones I really need to change.

      Thank you for the well wishes, glad that nasty flu is behind us. Hope all your book reading is awesome. 🙂

    • Marsha

      I know that feeling well. Somethings I didn’t follow through on, they never seemed to come together the way I wanted or envisioned. Others I got a start on – but it’s been a rough year on the personal side so I’ll try again in 2020. The good thing with plans is they can always be re-worked and added in later. Hope you have a great reading week! Where did this year go??

    • Marsha

      I certainly hope so – all I can do is give it my best and see what happens. Without a list or a plan, I’m just fumbling around in the dark so at least that part’s done. Thanks for stopping over 🙂 I hope your reading week is awesome.