The Almost Wife by Jade Beer

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Three women, three white dresses, three big days all set… but only two will make it up the aisle, and only one will marry. An unforgettable page-turner about love, family and life’s unexpected second chances.

Jessie has always known she doesn’t belong. Only her fiancé Adam makes her feel good enough, exactly as she is. Jessie wants everything to be perfect for their lavish wedding day, but she’s already cracking under the pressure of pretending to be someone she’s not with her demanding future in-laws.

Dolly works hard to keep up appearances – but what’s the point of only eating salad when her boyfriend Josh is never home to appreciate the result? Dolly is sure he’ll change once they’re married with a family; Josh did say he wanted those things… right?

Emily couldn’t be happier: she’s got funny, loving parents, a loyal fiancé and a job she looks forward to. Everything’s ready for their intimate country wedding… until some shocking news sends her life spiraling out of control. 

Perfect strangers on the first page, Jessie, Dolly and Emily’s paths will cross in the most unexpected of ways. And as their stories collide, their lives will take a turn you’ll never predict.

Title:  The Almost Wife
Series:  —  —  —  —
Author:  Jade Beer
Genre:  Romance
Published:  June 20, 2018
Publisher:  Bookouture
My Rating:  4.5 stars

For me, The Almost Wife was one of those books that when I finished the last page I simply sat back and let it all sink in for a bit.  Although, admittedly, it did get off to a slow start at first just give it a moment and you’ll soon be caught up in the lives of three brides and the bridal shop owner who oversees all the brides getting ready for their special day, along with some memories of her own and plans for her future.  Jessie, Dolly, Emily and Helen – four women who will have their lives turn out quite differently from what they expected when all the plans started.  Told in alternating chapters, from several points of view we step into lives that are full of love, happiness, fears, confusion, tragedy, anger, sadness and so much more.

Of course, I had my own favorites among the ladies, yet each one’s story is touching and emotional.  These ladies will discover some life lessons, what is truly important in life and how to cope when it all changes from what we thought we knew.  There were moments when I laughed or cried with them, times when I shook my head at careless words or actions, and times when my heart simply broke.  So, yes, The Almost Wife is an emotional and touching story – and one that you should experience firsthand for all the lovely details.  Yet it’s also one that I don’t believe you can come away from without leaving some emotions behind.  It will touch you, make you think and feel… and really, isn’t that why we read Romance?

I’d recommend The Almost Wife to any reader who has ever experienced the craziness that is love or a wedding preparation.  Or simply anyone who loves a good story and enjoys all the aspects of life, the good, the crazy and the future we all deserve.  I got caught up in all their stories and I believe you will as well.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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