The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever by June Faver

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Enjoy a down-home Texas cowboy Christmas!

When handsome town sheriff Derrick Shelton meets Angelique Guillory and her young daughter at the Garrett ranch, he is immediately drawn to the woman who seems to desperately need a true family Christmas. Determined to erase the shadows from her eyes, he decides to give her the best holiday she’s ever had.

Angelique Guillory is a woman with a past, haunted by violence and searching for the family she never knew. When she and her little daughter find their way to the Garrett family and meet Derrick, she hopes to have finally found a safe haven.

But Angelique is still looking over her shoulder. Despite her doubts, with a little Christmas magic and the warmth of the Garretts, Angelique may find more love and acceptance than she ever thought possible.

Titles in the Garrett Family Saga series include – The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever – Forever My Cowboy (Jan. 2021)

This is a connected series as well – the connection is to — Titles in the Dark Horse Cowboys series include —  Do or Die Cowboy – Hot Target Cowboy – When to Call A Cowboy – Cowboy Christmas Homecoming –

Title:  The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever
Series:  Garrett Family Saga #1
Author:  June Faver
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  September 29, 2020
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating:  4.5 stars

For me, the best way to begin a new series like the Garrett Family Saga is with a Christmas Romance just like The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever.  It’s a perfect storm, in my opinion.

This is also a series that has a strong connection to the Dark Horse Cowboys series – and I’ve come to know many of the secondary characters mentioned in The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever quite well over the length of that series.  So, in many ways, this was a return to a familiar world to me.  Does a new reader have to have read the first series before the Garrett Family Saga?  No.  I, personally, think it would help but I don’t feel it’s absolutely necessary as this new series can and does stand on its own.  That is a decision each reader must make for themselves.

Angelique, along with her toddler daughter, Gabriella is on the run for their lives from Gabi’s grandfather who also happens to be the head of a mafia family.  Angel’s husband was killed in a fire at the restaurant she and her husband owned.  On her deathbed, Angelique’s mother finally told her the name of her real, biological father — and it is that name that has Angelique and Gabriella running across the country in search of family, safety, and acceptance.

Nearing their destination Angelique’s car runs off the road and it is Sheriff Derrick Shelton who will not only come to their rescue but feels an instant attraction and sense of bonding for them both.  It won’t be long now before Angelique comes face to face with her father… Big Jim and that is going to add to the drama, and the tensions she’s dealing with right now.  The safe haven in that storm is Derrick, a strong man who isn’t afraid to admit to strong feelings very early in a relationship, and a man who can see both sides of the family drama going on between Angelique and the rest of the Garrett family right now.

If you have not read the Dark Horse Cowboys series, I can plainly see why you would have questions on the why and how of some characters’ actions.  I really do see why.  For me, I’ve come to know these secondary characters quite well so many are acting exactly as I would expect them to… suspicious and/or welcoming depending on the personality.  I’m also very familiar with the Garrett family phone tree – so that was not a surprise at all.

I enjoyed Angelique’s and Derrick’s romance so much – and little Gabi is simply an adorable scene-stealer.  The tensions from Angelique’s past are intense, the danger real – but the emotions growing between Derrick and his ladies are also very real and quite obvious.

This first story in the new series felt much like returning home again after being away for a while.  I sincerely hope new readers will give the Garrett Family Saga series a chance, and perhaps be curious enough to go back to the earlier books.  I had a blast, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next book due out in January of 2021.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in paperback, audio, or your favorite e-reader – mine is the Kindle



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