The Book of Sorrel by Jennifer Peel

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An ancient curse. A forbidden love. Which will die first?

Sorrel Black’s family has been ruled by a book passed down from generation to generation. But now that it is in her possession, it has stopped working. For her alone, one critical piece of information is missing that will keep the curse, cast long ago as a punishment for her family’s rebellion, from being passed down to her own daughter someday. She hopes the book’s silence means the curse will end with her—even if it means dying alone. But then Eric Knight walks into her life and changes everything.

When investigative journalist Eric Knight is forced to take an assignment to interview bakery owner Sorrel Black, he has no idea that her story will become their story. That his secrets are her secrets. Now together, these born enemies turned lovers must not only face the curse that has separated their families for generations, but the reality that breaking the curse means breaking their hearts. For, in the end, only one family can survive.

Title:  The Book of Sorrel
Series:  Standalone (at this time)
Author:  Jennifer Peel
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Published:  April 29, 2020
My Rating:  4 stars

I have enjoyed Jennifer Peel’s romances for years now and was delighted, as well as, curious as she moved into the Paranormal genre for the first time with The Book of Sorrel.  I sincerely hope that she will add Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy to her future releases for she nailed the genre in this story and I definitely would enjoy more.  I saw The Book of Sorrel as Paranormal Romance, yet I’ve seen other readers describe it as Urban Fantasy – either way it’s a story full of mystery, an ancient curse, immortals, unique to each of these ancient families secret books, and very real danger to both Sorrel and Eric.

While I adored Sorrel from the very beginning, it took much longer to really like or root for Eric since he’s such a… well, jerk to begin with when we and Sorrel first meet him.  Perhaps he has his reasons, but still – rude jerk to start who slowly changes his ways, his feelings, and his actions to better fit the hero that Sorrel deserved.  Soon the romantic side of this story will emerge as Sorrel and Eric fight their growing feelings for each other, each knowing that they should not get involved yet it is inevitable.  When the danger arrives for Sorrel it’s then that Eric really steps up to become the man we get glimpses of while he was still in his jerk mode.

I enjoyed The Book of Sorrel very much and I’m hoping there will be more – time will tell.  As always, the writing is smooth and this world emerges slowly but believably.  The tension ratchets up slowly then explodes.  You’ll find this to be a ‘clean’ read for the most part.  There are mild swearing and some violence involved, and although there is a lot of innuendo and dream sequences type of thinking, kissing is about all we’re going to actually see this couple engage in.  I’m not in the habit of giving away spoilers so you’ll find the basics in the Cover Description and will hopefully make the decision to pick this one up and indulge yourself in a new world for this author – and a delightful couple with magic surrounding them.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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