Christmas, love, and a batch of cookies.

Leela Miller’s mom passed away last spring. Now, Leela is desperate to fill Mom’s shoes in the Ladies’ Auxiliary by chairing the Cookie House fundraiser. The hitch: mean-eyed Mrs. Coldicott refuses to host the event at her Society Row home as planned.

Leela must find a new venue big enough and fancy enough to draw in customers, or Mom’s event might get canceled. There’s only one perfect place: the Layton Mansion.

New vet school graduate Jay Wilson has been remodeling the Layton Mansion since he inherited it this summer. It’s almost Christmas, and the house is nearly ready to flip!

If he can get a good price for it, he can buy a partnership at a veterinary clinic out of town.

However, by stipulation of the will, Jay can’t sell the house until he cleans out the attic.

Jay needs help completing the enormous task before his deadline. The beautiful Leela will eagerly help—if he agrees to allow her to use the house for her event.

But, when Jay learns that the Cookie House event is the same day as his sale deadline, will he sell the house out from under the girl he might just be falling in love with?

Titles in the Christmas House Romances series include – The Christmas Cookie House – The Sleigh Bells Chalet – The Holiday Hunting Lodge –

Title:  The Christmas Cookie House
Series:  Christmas House Romances #1
Author:  Jennifer Griffith
Published:  November 5, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

Even though I’ve been reading Christmas Romances for the past few months like crazy for both NetGalley commitments for the blog and for personal enjoyment I have to say that THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE HOUSE put a big ol’ smile on my face and definitely kicked up my Christmas spirit by several degrees.  And now I can’t wait to dive into the other two (so far) stories that make up this series to experience that level of Christmas joy once again.

This is a quick story that could easily be spoiled so most of what you truly need to know before picking Leela and Jay’s story up can be found in the cover description.  A story full of promises to the past, hope for the future and understanding the priorities of today this one will capture your heart very quickly.  There are some very, very nasty characters in this story (and it’s so easy to pick them out you will not be caught by surprise) – and part of the fun was seeing them get exactly what was coming to them.  (Yes, I can be a vindictive reader at times toward really bad people)

I will say that I’m not a huge fan of the half-truths trope – that’s on me, personally.  Sometimes things aren’t easy to say or to admit, and sometimes saying out loud our biggest fears just makes them seem unsurmountable.  Both Jay and Leela kept some details back from each other, important details – and that was part of their journey to discover and get beyond those half-truths.  When necessary to keep their relationship going smoothly, to not damage what was growing between them they spoke their complete truths – and in that, this couple was very realistic for who hasn’t held back a few details until we have an idea how they will be received.  Their half-truths were to protect themselves, and that I can understand and accept.

In all, THE CHRISTMAS COOKIE HOUSE is a delightful Christmas tale that will warm your heart, get you in the mood for carols and simply give you a very good romance with a likable, relatable couple.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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