The Cowboy Meets His Match by Sarah Mayberry

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All Cassidy Jane Cooper wants is to fulfill her dream to compete in pro rodeo. CJ knows she’s going to have to work harder and smarter than everyone else to prove herself in the traditionally all-male saddle bronc competition. That means she shouldn’t look twice at handsome, charming cowboy, Jesse Carmody. She needs to focus on the competition, not one of her competitors. If only he wasn’t so damn hot… 

Jesse Carmody thinks he’s seen it all–until CJ’s arrival throws him for a loop. She’s tough, sexy, and challenging. Jesse quickly realizes he wants to know a whole lot more about this intriguing woman. When CJ faces ugly opposition from others on the circuit, Jesse is there to offer a friendly hand–and more, if she wants it. 

Between her trials in the arena and fighting to get the other riders to respect her, CJ knows getting involved with Jesse is the last thing she should do. But she can’t seem to keep away. Which leaves her with a choice–the man of her heart, or the career of her dreams? Or can she have them both?

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Title:  The Cowboy Meets His Match
Series:  79th Copper Mountain Rodeo #1
Author:  Sarah Mayberry
Genre:  Romance, Cowboy Romance
Published:  August 21, 2018
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars

It was such a good feeling to have the rodeo return to Marietta, Montana after a year’s absence because of the fire that destroyed the grounds.  Now rebuilt, brand new and sporting improvements the Copper Mountain Rodeo returns with one amazing story to kick off this series.

Aside from some specific events, the rodeo is pretty much an all-male, all testosterone filled arena.  One trailblazer, only the second woman to break into the all male saddle bronc competition at the pro level, CJ Cassidy knows it’s not going to be an easy ride… and that’s before she gets on the back of a horse bred and trained to buck her off his back in under 8 seconds.  Yet this is her dream, her adrenaline high to climb on the back of that bronc and come out the winner in their personal fight.  The Copper Mountain Rodeo is her first time as an official pro saddle bronc rider… oh, she’s worked hard to get here, eaten a lot of dust, taken her bumps and bruises but now it’s all paid off.  And she’s not about to let any cowboy’s bruised ego or handsome, sexy face keep her from living that dream.

The Cowboy Meets His Match is a story that goes deep into the emotions, in so many layers.  On the surface it’s a story of one woman’s triumph in fulfilling her dream, even if that means competing in what has, in the past, been considered an only male sport.  That alone would be enough to guarantee a really good story.  Yet, there is so much more to this cowboy romance – and if you don’t shed tears or at least get misty eyes, I’ll be very surprised.

Jesse Carmody is a professional saddle bronc rider, his life is the rodeo and if he avoids going home to Marietta… well, in his mind he has good reasons to stay away from the tensions between himself and his older brother.  Since their parents’ death in a tragic car accident the four siblings have had each other for support, to run the family ranch.  And because of one heated argument, Jesse walked away, and rarely looks back.  Now he’s back home, for a short time, and the tensions boil beneath the surface once again.  Yet this time there is one beautiful, determined woman that keeps his attention as well.  CJ is facing a hard line, some obnoxious actions from ego bruised cowboys and an attraction to Jesse that she knows full well she should ignore.  The spark between them is simply too strong to turn her back on.  Neither expected that the 79th Copper Mountain Rodeo would be the beginning of a life together.

I cannot go into why this story touched so many emotions in me without giving away spoilers.  So, I’ll simply have to trust that you’ll discover this truly amazing story for yourself.  It’s filled with sexy moments, siblings that love and bicker and eventually come together again, the nastiness of one cowboy who believes the old ways are the only ways and is mean enough to prove his point (but karma is a… well, you understand).  The town of Marietta, Montana shines once more.  I simply loved The Cowboy Meets His Match — and if this isn’t also the first story in a series about the Carmody siblings then I’ll eat my own cowgirl hat.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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