The Cowboy’s Honor by Amy Sandas

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Three runaway brides
Determined to escape their fates
Flee West to find the freedom that can only be had in a cowboy’s arms…

Courtney Adams never questioned the future her parents laid out for her…until the day she was to marry one of Boston’s elite. Desperate, she flees the church in a flurry of bridal finery and trades her pearls for a train ticket to Montana—only to be mistaken for a surly cowboy’s mail-order bride!

Dean Lawton doesn’t want a wife—especially not some fancy Eastern lady he believes his brother “ordered” behind his back. Yet one mistake leads to another, and before the dust can settle, he finds himself married to a woman who challenges him at every step…and sets his wounded heart ablaze. But the clock is ticking on this marriage of inconvenience, and soon Dean must decide: convince Courtney to remain in his arms, or lose her light forever…

Titles in the Runaway Brides series include:  The Gunslinger’s Vow – The Cowboy’s Honor – The Outlaw’s Heart

If you are a reader who needs to know about every possible connecting story to a series, there is a short “introduction to the series” story entitled A Christmas Reunion in the 2017 Christmas Anthology Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms.

Title:  The Cowboy’s Honor
Series:  Runaway Brides #2
Author:  Amy Sandas
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  February 26, 2019
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Courtney has always been the dutiful daughter, never veering from her parent’s wishes including marrying a childhood friend, one of Boston’s elite, a man she does not romantically love but hopes to in time.  When she discovers that her almost-husband is in love with another woman Courtney does the only thing she can think of – she runs away from the wedding, beautiful bridal gown flowing behind her.  Her intention was to make her way to a friend in Montana who has also made the break for her own happiness… but things didn’t quite turn out as intended.

Dean has no desire to settle down.  At one time that would have been his wish but the death of the woman he was to marry in a tragic accident has colored his perception of what happened with years of self-inflicted guilt and heavy sadness.  Oh, he knows full well that his happily married brother wants the same for him and on this trip to town to pick up a “package” his brother ordered Dean made an assumption – and we all know what assume means, right?

Ending up in a small town that was not her destination, Courtney has no choice but to try to send a message to her friend and survive on her own until help arrives.  The last thing she expected to be dealing with was a harassing stranger or being carted off to yet another wedding by one stubborn man who will not listen to her.  Dean had, perhaps, good intentions but everything backfires on him when he realizes his mistake… one that is not as easily fixed as he had thought.

Courtney and Dean must spend one month together before their marriage can be dissolved… one month where anything could happen.

I love Amy Sandas’ new venture into Western Historical Romance.  I enjoyed her Regency Romance novels, but honestly, I adore her spin on the American West as she gives each story a slightly quirky, totally different spin.  And I’m loving it, without a doubt.

THE COWBOY’S HONOR is a funny, charming, intense romance between strangers who are finding themselves far more attracted to each other than either ever expected.  Their story is full of banter, mystery, danger, laughter and a lovely happy ending.  Watching Dean be healed by Courtney’s love was a beautiful sight, even if he did at times fight her efforts.  And experiencing Courtney’s excitement and sense of accomplishment as she learns new things, faces new challenges and finds love with her stranger was sheer delight.  I liked this couple to start with and loved them completely by their happy ever after ending.

There are some intriguing and interesting secondary characters that I would love to see more of one day.

In all, I had such a good time with THE COWBOY’S HONOR and if you love Western Historical Romance then I’ve no doubt that you’d enjoy this story and series as well.  I would not hesitate to recommend this one to any reader who loves a good romance, a solid story, a couple to like and cheer on, a mystery to solve and a very good time.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in paperback, audio and for the Kindle


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