The Dating Dare by Jayci Lee

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No serious relationships.

This is the one rule Tara Park made for herself and it has been working swimmingly, thank you very much. The occasional fling is fine, especially since she’s busy with Weldon Brewery. But when Seth Kim, temptation personified and her best friend’s new brother-in-law walks into her life, Tara might be willing to bend her golden rule…but only for four dates—the four dates she agreed to after a few good rounds of beer and a game of truth or dare. It’ll be fun. No biggie.

Seth Kim can’t believe Tara agreed to his dating dare. He’s leaving for a new job in Paris in a month and a no-strings-attached fling seemed like a nice little distraction for both… But their secret dates, while sweet and sexy, always hit roadblocks straight out of a romantic comedy. Thankfully, their non-dates and chance meetings are smoother, frequent, and heated. However, the more Seth sees of Tara, the less willing he is to let her go—and what was supposed to be a fun little game turns into something that neither of them is ready for.

But sometimes, the best things in life are the ones we never see coming.

Titles in the A Sweet Mess series include — A Sweet MessThe Dating Dare

Title:  The Dating Dare
Series:  A Sweet Mess #2
Author:  Jayci Lee
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 3, 2021
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press
My Rating:  4 stars

We first met Tara in A Sweet Mess, her friend Aubrey’s (and Landon’s) story.  I liked what I learned of Tara there and was looking forward to this, well, stubborn lady’s own happy ending romance.  And she did get that… eventually.  First Tara and Landon’s brother, Seth needs to get through a game of Truth or Dare –  almost drunk Truth or Dare for Tara and she’s about to agree to 4 dates, perhaps a short sizzling fling all in secret… but, of course, nothing ever turns out as expected.

The Dating Dare brings us two people who aren’t exactly the persona they project to others.  Especially Seth who has quite the player reputation, although the truth is far from that, still that persona works, most times so he doesn’t really spend much time correcting other’s opinions.  Seth is enjoying his brother’s wedding and planning a trip to Paris at the end of the month for work and pleasure.  He didn’t expect to be attracted to the bride’s best friend or to end up in a game of Truth or Dare that he fully intends to win.  Four dates with a sexy lady, a chance for a no emotions involved fling before leaving town… sure, count him in.  The problem with that plan turned out to be a funny, sexy, likable Tara and the unusual desire for something “more” than 4 dates.

I liked that, for once, we didn’t get all the background baggage that each brought to this temporary relationship.  Slowly, we get to see what is behind the choices really are and that simply made this couple more realistic.  Sure, there are definitely cheesy moments here, but that’s intended, and expected.  There were moments when I laughed out loud and times when they each deserved to be sat down for a stern conversation.  I think there are readers who will adore this couple and others who might not “get” them… no two people ever read the same book.  I had fun here, and if you’ve enjoyed A Sweet Mess then you’ll want to find out what happened next.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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    • Marsha

      Thank you 🙂 I picked up her debut novel a while ago, and haven’t stopped following her worlds. I’m probably a bit jaded, I’m definitely an older reader… but when an author can make me actually laugh out loud then I need their books around me. 🙂