A little holiday magic brings two workaholic legal eagles together in this delightful Christmas tale.

The only case high-powered lawyer Henry Hale has on his docket this Christmas is the bah humbugs he’s trying to fight off. To cope with a houseful of loving but over exuberant family and all the good cheer running amuck in his life, he just might need help from an unlikely source.

His star employee, Lorelei Sullivan, jumps at the unexpected chance to join Henry’s family events, even if she has only been invited as a buffer. What better way to cap off a stellar year than with a chance to prove she’s partner material and move her career to the next level? Baking cookies, card games, shopping for gifts—nothing is an imposition if it leads to making her case.

But when the relationship between Henry and Lorelei begins to spark from legal to loverly, both of their plans start coming unwrapped. They’ll need more than a little holiday spirit to help them get this court in order.

Title:  The December Deception
Author:  Dana Volney
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Christmas Romance
Published:  December 4, 2017
Publisher:  Crimson Romance
My Rating:  4 stars

I had a fun time reading The December Deception.  Getting the chance to interact with two very determined, successful, driven lawyers and watching them go from pure workaholics totally devoted to their careers to people who are beginning to see life outside the office quite differently was a fresh outlook on a profession that I rarely think of as fun loving.  Perhaps that’s unfair, yet the law is so serious in the fact that the outcome whether it’s corporate, criminal or family affects so many people that one has to be devoted and driven in this field, in my opinion.  But outside of the court or office, people can be quite different if they allow themselves and we get a good taste of that in this novella.

Henry has worked very hard in his portion of the family law firm.  His drive has brought not only success but complications as well.  As in his family believing they can try to get him to slow down and find the time for a personal life… like a girlfriend or even a wife one day.  What he needs to get through this Christmas season is someone willing to put themselves between him and his family in a light deception to get people off of his back for a bit.  His solution, the rising star of his firm.  Lorelei is hungry, he senses that, so she’d probably be willing to step in to help.  He’s well aware that she’d like nothing more than to become a partner, but he’s not certain that he’s ready to give up total control… or that she would be his choice.  But for now, Lorelei would be the perfect shield from his family – and he’s willing if she is.

Lorelei wants partner in the law firm like she wants to breathe.  And if pulling the wool over his family’s eyes for a bit during the Christmas celebrations will enhance her chances, then she’s all for it.  Only… in this other atmosphere it’s very easy to see Henry in a different light, and maybe agree with his family that he needs someone in his life.  So what is more important – a possible partnership in the firm or a permanent partnership in his personal life.

I enjoyed Henry and Lorelei’s romantic adventure.  Moments of fun, misunderstanding, and some fade to black steaminess all combined into a fun romance.  The author does often bring characters from other books into her stories as mutual friends and such.  It’s a nice touch that triggers my curiosity of course, so now I need to go and do some digging into Ms. Volney’s back list to get their stories firsthand.

I’d recommend The December Deception to any Romance reader who enjoys seeing two workaholics find time for romance.  It’s novella length, but it does pack a good story punch.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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