The Irish Heiress by Kaitlin O’Riley

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The Hamilton sisters have found true love to rival any novels sold in their famous London bookshops. And the story continues, as each of their offspring discovers the perfect partner . . .
Quiet and intuitive, Lady Mara Reeves has always felt more at home amid the green hills of her native Ireland than in London’s stifling ballrooms. Determined to remain single, she’s adept at gently rebuffing any suitor who comes her way. So why is she so drawn to Foster Sheridan, Earl of Sterling? It’s a connection unlike anything she’s ever known, yet complicated by one scandalous fact: the man she believes to be her destiny is already married.
Trapped in a loveless union with a woman who refuses to divorce him, Foster is resigned to loneliness until he meets the exquisite Mara. He wants her as a wife, not a mistress, but he can’t resist her unconventional offer. Their passion is intense, as is the risk. For even as Foster follows Mara home to Ireland, their pasts will lead them toward danger that only the deepest love can overcome.

Titles in the Hamilton Cousins include — The Heiress He’s Been Waiting For – The Irish Heiress – 

This series is a spin-off (or the children of the couples in) the Hamilton Sisters series which included — When His Kiss Is Wicked – Desire in His Eyes – It Happened One Christmas – To Tempt an Irish Rogue – His by Christmas

Title: The Irish Heiress
Series:  Hamilton Cousins #2
Author:  Kaitlin O’Riley
Genre:  Historical Romance, Victorian Romance
Published:  July 30, 2019
Publisher:  Kensington Books – Zebra
My Rating:  4 stars

THE IRISH HEIRESS is the second story in Kaitlin O’Riley’s series, The Hamilton Cousins (which is a spin-off of The Hamilton Sisters).  I found Mara and Foster’s romance to be rather intriguing, and even set aside some of my usual hesitations about cheating, although to be frank it was more of a marriage of convenience that never was meant to be a real marriage and a total witch of a wife who would not put anyone’s happiness above her own greed and sense of power.  But still… Foster does technically “cheat” with Mara and that is usually where I draw a line.  I continued through with reading this one and in the end, was very glad that I did.  I believe there are readers who will see that cheating as a reason to pass this story by and I believe they’ll be missing out on a good Romance.  But, that is my own opinion.

Mara has always had premonitions, she’s become quite accustomed to them and often will change her direction because of them.  Recently she’s been having very strong visions of a man, a fire, and a love that will be the only one for her.  When she sees Foster at a party she instinctively knows that he is that man – nothing from that moment onward will stop her from racing toward what she sees as her destiny.  However, Foster is married in a loveless marriage of convenience and no matter what he tries his wife will not divorce him.  He is shackled in a marriage that is worth nothing to him while falling in love with the woman he would give anything to make his wife.  Still, he is reluctant to agree to Mara’s suggestion of an affair, perhaps a very long affair for he is fully aware of what that will do to his love’s reputation… and it will bring out the wrath of his “injured” so-called wife.

I got caught up in Mara and Foster’s love for each other, and her absolute belief in what was to come to them both.  I think it was Mara’s visions that kept me flipping pages the most for there is never a blatant magical feel to this story, only the certainty in Mara’s mind that what she envisions does, somehow, come to pass.  Their road to a happy ending is hard-fought, an interesting journey that kept me engaged through to the end.  I enjoyed this story more than I originally thought I would given the “affair”, even though the practice was not unknown during that time period (or any other since).  I believe each reader needs to decide for themselves if THE IRISH HEIRESS crosses the lines that they each put in the sand.  I’m certainly glad that I crossed that line and wholeheartedly let myself fall into this story.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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