The Last Gamble by Anabelle Bryant

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As one of the owners of London’s most infamous and scandalous gambling hall, The Underworld, Luke Reese looks like a man who has it all.

But underneath his swagger lies a pain which no amount of liquor, women or card games can ease. Because, nine months ago, Luke’s son was stolen by his half-brother, Lord Dursley.

Luke knows the agony of growing up without a family, and he will not allow his son to suffer the same fate. So when evidence leads him to Coventry and a mysterious governess named Georgina, Luke doesn’t hesitate in tracking her down.

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems in the London ton. And soon, Luke is facing his most dangerous gamble yet.

Dare he risk losing his heart to find his son?

Titles in the Bastards of London series include:  The Den of Iniquity Into The Hall of Vice –  The Last Gamble – 

Title:  The Last Gamble
Series:  Bastards of London #3
Author:  Anabelle Bryant
Genre:  Regency Romance
Published:  August 11, 2017
Publisher:  HQ Digital
My Rating:  5 stars

I try very hard not to have favorites in characters or stories in a series… I try, but I usually fail I simply don’t often admit that fact publicly.  I’ll admit that Luke caught my attention, and perhaps my heart the first time we met.  I don’t know that I could tell you why, simply that I understood his pain on a different level from the other men.  For whatever reason, Luke has been at the edge of my mind during all these stories – and now he gets his story told, and what a heartbreaking and fulfilling story it turns out to be.

The kidnapping of his son, Nate, by his vile half-brother has almost destroyed Luke.  Only his fierce love for his son and his determination to find him have kept his spirit alive and functioning… for the most part.  This time a clue has real promise, mainly because he stole the information himself.  It will lead him on a journey that he never expected to take.   One where love is at the ending, and dangers, secrets, lies and redemption will be found along the way.

Georgina is living quietly with her pug, Biscuit.  Quietly and hopefully well hidden that is.  Georgina has fled London and secrets of her own.  Betrayal is not a new companion and she is determined to avoid London, and her family at all cost.  The last thing she thought she’d find herself in the middle of was a father’s desperate search for his stolen son or a return to the city that now terrifies her.  Her concerns for herself are small compared to a kidnapped child, so she will do all she can to help reunite father and son.  Never realizing that along the way she’d find her own strengths returning, her fears faced and that a love for one special man would overpower everything else in her life.

The Last Gamble is one of those stories that will have your heart racing and you pulse pounding – for several quite different reasons.  Luke and Georgina make a very amazing couple.  As I mentioned, I’ve always had a soft spot for Luke.  His strengths have been tested time and time again as he searches for Nate, and fears what has happened to his son during this time.  Luke’s friends are a source of another kind of strength, support and the ladies these men have married only add to the blessings he’s found in the middle of a nightmare.  Georgina will discover her own strengths as she makes this journey.  I never saw her as weak, but the power of discovering what she can face and can do will made her stronger than she ever realized she could be.  They definitely have some major sexual sizzling tensions going on which only added to the enjoyment of their story.

Betrayal by family is probably one of the worst experiences, Luke and Georgina are not destroyed by others actions but strengthened in spirit and resolve.  I suppose it’s not strictly necessary to have read this series in order, but I would recommend that you do as the woven threads build between each couple and add to the overall enjoyment of this series.

I loved The Last Gamble, Luke and Georgina’s story was that perfect storm of danger, love, secrets and satisfaction that I always find in a story by Anabelle Bryant.  I’d highly recommend this one for any Regency Romance reader who enjoys a slow burn attraction, strong characters, danger to be faced and a well fought for resolution.  And we still have another couple’s story to look forward to, so we aren’t done with this series just yet.

On a side note – the covers for this series are simply stunning and stand out from the ballgowns and half-clothed couples of most Regency Romance covers.  Their beauty adds a touch of sin, a touch of mystery… and immediately catch the eye.  Whoever is doing your covers, Anabelle – tie them up in a life long contract.  *grin*

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

I also purchased this title for my own collection.

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