The Lieutenants’ Online Love by Caro Carson

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What happens when your internet crush… Shows up in real life?

First Lieutenant Thane Carter has experienced great success as the senior platoon leader of a military police company at Fort Hood. But tbh, his love life stinks.

Thane wishes his maddening–and off-limits–new coworker, Lieutenant Chloe Michaels, could be more like his online friend “Ballerina-baby.” It’s complicated, all right–especially when Thane learns that his workplace nemesis and his internet crush are one and the same!

Title:  The Lieutenants’ Online Love
Series:  American Heroes line
Author:  Caro Carson
Genre:  Contemporary Romance, Military Romance
Published:  April 17, 2018 (Kindle Edition releases May 1st, in Harlequin Special Edition Box Set May 2018)
Publisher:  Harlequin
My Rating:  4 stars

The Lieutenants’ Online Love presents an interesting dilemma for Chloe and Thane – what happens when the co-worker you cannot seem to get along with ends up being the very same person who is a totally different person in the online relationship you wish could turn into a real life forever love?  Add to that problem both are military police with very rigid rules about dating – then you’ve got an interesting story and an enemies to lovers who already are falling in love online… yeah, it’s complicated.

I enjoyed Chloe and Thane’s romance.  It’s got witty banter, the ability to show your true self while holding back some things that will make life and career incredibly complicated.  Watching this couple work through their online love and real life careers made for an interesting, at times, laugh out loud enjoyable experience.  I rarely make comments about the story I’m given to read whether I’ve purchased it or receive it through NetGalley it’s the author’s story to tell, not mine.  I will simply say that there were times when the military slang and terminologies were not common to me and because of that I feel I might not have given the true importance to some parts of this story that they deserved.  That’s not a mean-spirited criticism, but a wishful observation.

The Lieutenant’s Online Love releases in Mass Market Paperback (on Amazon) on April 17, 2018 – (again on Amazon) it is part of the Harlequin Special Edition Box Set for Kindle readers on May 1, 2018.  So just because it’s not available for your e-reader today, look for it in a couple weeks.

I would recommend this story to any Contemporary Romance or Military Romance reader who enjoys lively banter, hidden identity, enemies to lovers romance and a very good love story.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in paper and soon for the Kiindle


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