The One You Can’t Forget by Roni Loren

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Most days Rebecca Lindt feels like an impostor…

The world admires her as a survivor. But that impression would crumble if people knew her secret. She didn’t deserve to be the one who got away. But nothing can change the past, so she’s thrown herself into her work. She can’t dwell if she never slows down.

Wes Garrett is trying to get back on his feet after losing his dream restaurant, his money, and half his damn mind in a vicious divorce. But when he intervenes in a mugging and saves Rebecca―the attorney who helped his ex ruin him―his simple life gets complicated.

Their attraction is inconvenient and neither wants more than a fling. But when Rebecca’s secret is put at risk, both discover they could lose everything, including what they never realized they needed: each other.

Titles in The Ones Who Got Away series include:  The Ones Who Got Away – The One You Can’t Forget – The One You Fight –

Title:  The One You Can’t Forget
Series:  The Ones Who Got Away #2
Author:  Roni Loren
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  June 5, 2018
Publisher:  4.5 stars

One action, either bad or good, can bring about so many different reactions.  One choice can change lives far beyond the moment.  Rebecca is a survivor, and she carries survivor’s guilt along with a secret every single day of her life.  She’s now a divorce lawyer and seeing the destruction of so many happy possibilities has jaded her towards true love… if such a thing ever existed.    One mugging will bring terror back into her life, one man and one brave dog will change her future — if she can take the risk of believing in love for herself.

Wes had it all or so he thought until his wife’s divorce lawyer believed a lie and completely tore apart everything that Wes once was.  He made a choice to drown his lost dreams in a liquor bottle.  He also made the choice and the constant battle to pull himself out of that dark place and begin a new dream.  His love of food, cooking it, creating from it has taken a new direction in his work with troubled teens.  It’s fulfilling work, different from where he thought he’d be but he’s content within the daily battle against picking up that bottle again.  Wes happened to be in the right place at the right time when he stopped a mugging.  One action that will bring him face to face with the woman who helped destroy his former life… and perhaps is the answer to his future dreams.

The One You Can’t Forget is an emotional story, one with repercussions for past actions yet one with hope for the future.  Rebecca and Wes make a compelling couple.  Each survivors in their own way, neither as hard or calculated as was believed.  I liked them, wanted them to work beyond the past and enjoyed every single moment spent in their world.  I know how one decision, one action can change lives forever and this romance brings that reality to the forefront so well.  You’ll cry, you’ll chuckle and maybe even get angry but one thing I can guarantee you will feel throughout this story.  I got lost in this story and enjoyed the journey and I believe you would as well.  I’d recommend The One You Can’t Forget to any Contemporary Romance reader who likes to dig a little deeper, can change direction on what they thought a person was like and believes in finding a happy ending is possible for anyone.

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