The Rancher’s Redemption by Kate Pearce

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Family, community, hard work. It’s what always draws the folks of Morgantown back to the ranch — along with the promise of so much more.
Widowed for ten years, now running the family ranch, Adam Miller is no longer the fun-loving guy who married his high school sweetheart the moment they graduated. His bitterness in the aftermath of her death even alienated his closest link to her—Lizzie Taylor, her best friend. But when Adam comes across Lizzie in a dire situation, he’s compelled to help—and finds himself with an unusual opportunity to make amends.
A struggling single mom, Lizzie’s extremely wealthy ex ran out on her when she got pregnant. But now he and his family have decided to fight for custody of her young son. When Adam shocks her by offering to pose as her partner, awkward as it may feel, it’s Lizzie’s best chance to hold onto her child. And as they strive to present a united front, their old friendship rekindles, sparking an unexpected attraction—along with past hurts and secrets. Soon they realize they’ll have to find a way to forgive if they want to move forward—especially with each other.

Titles in The Millers of Morgan Valley series include – The Second Chance RancherThe Rancher’s Redemption

Title:  The Rancher’s Redemption
Series:  The Millers of Morgan Valley #2
Author:  Kate Pearce
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  November 26, 2019
Publisher:  Kensington Books – Zebra
My Rating:  4 stars

THE RANCHER’S REDEMPTION is, at times, a very emotionally difficult story to read.  I loved it, was deeply involved in Lizzie, Adam, and Roman’s lives but it hits deep in the emotions.  There is a lot going on that will bring more pain but will eventually lead to healing – but that’s going to take a bit to work through.

We met Adam in THE SECOND CHANCE RANCHER, and even then could feel his constant emotional pain.  Now, we get a better understanding of what he’s gone through both in losing his beloved wife to cancer and in why he alienated a woman he and his wife had considered a best friend.  Lizzie has gone on with life, having an unfortunate romance with a loser which left her with a young son she would die for.  Roman’s father and his father’s family are a real nasty piece of work collectively and one in particular.  Suddenly this family who wanted nothing to do with a young boy wants visitation rights and is tossing out accusations that hold no truth but will bring a boatload of trouble to Lizzie’s door.  Adam has a solution, but it will come with pain, confusion, and an outcome that he may not be ready to face.

Without going into details that would spoil this story for readers making up their minds about THE RANCHER’S REDEMPTION, I can safely say that this story is going to rip your heart out.  There are bits of information that Adam didn’t have from a trauma early in his life, a situation that has shaped the man he’s become in many ways.  Now, Adam must deal with not only learning the truth but seeing his former best friend in trouble deep and wanting to help.  His emotions are about to come alive again, those feelings of happiness, attraction, and maybe even love if he allows it.  Lizzie has always had a crush on Adam but her best friend always had his heart so she moved on.  Or so she thought until they were forced into a closer relationship.  Her love for Adam is still alive, but can she help him go beyond the death of a woman they both loved, a woman who would never have wanted him to grieve so for her that he stopped living.  Watching Adam slowly heal was an emotional journey.

I was caught up in Lizzie and Adam’s romance.  There is angst, anger issues, frustrations but there is also rediscovered joy, laughter, and a love worth fighting for, worth taking the risk to let it develop.  I enjoyed myself once again in this world and would not hesitate to recommend this story to any reader who loves a good, emotional romance with characters who are believable, relatable and that you will care about the outcome of their romance.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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