The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross

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She’s not the country nanny he advertised for

But she could be perfect for him… 

Jon Blackwell needs a woman ready to tackle the duties of a cattle ranch and two lively, take-no-prisoners twin girls. But ever since Lydia Newbury showed up at his six-generation Montana spread, the frazzled single father is rethinking, well, everything. The Philadelphia dazzler is a marvel. What he doesn’t know is the secret that has Lydia on the run…

Titles in the multi-author series The Return of the Blackwell Brothers include:  The Rancher’s Twins by Carol Ross – The Rancher’s Rescue by Cari Lyn Webb – The Rancher’s Redemption by Melinda Curtis – The Rancher’s Fake Fiancee by Amy Vastine – The Rancher’s Homecoming by Anna J. Stewart

Title:  The Rancher’s Twins
Series:  Return of the Blackwell Brothers #1
Author:  Carol Ross
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:   August 1, 2018
My Rating::  4.5 stars

The Rancher’s  Twins started off the Return of the Blackwell Brothers series with a story that captured my heart, revved up my imagination and my curiosity, as well as giving me characters that I can care about as this series unfolds.  There is little that will melt my heart more than kids, hellions or angels, and a father who is trying so hard to not only give his daughters his best but deal with the pain his ex-wife delivered.  Add a touch of a mystery thread that will, it appears, flow throughout this series and I’m hooked from the very beginning.

The first story of any series is the one that matters in the sense of keeping me tuned in for the rest of the “story” being told.  To be frank, if the first book doesn’t grab me and keep me needing to know more, then I’ll probably walk away.  Every reader is different, but for  me that beginning sets the stage for what will come, and is the reason I need to read a series from the beginning in order to understand the nuances of the people and situation I’m committing myself to.  Ms Ross did an excellent job of building a world that is realistic, believable and that invites me in to learn more.  The remaining books will fill in the nooks and crannies of this world, but the first has to set the stage.

First of all, I fell in love with a set of rambunctious, adorable little girls who mean the world to their daddy, but aren’t above being little hellions to other people.  Jon needs help for he has a lot on his plate at two ranches, plus dealing with the aftermath of his missing in action grandfather.  He’s asked for professional help and is depending on the new nanny, who has to be a ranching/country girl to be a real help to him.  Except… things don’t quite go as planned.

Lydia is as city girl as they come.  She’s also on the run from her life back in Philadelphia or specifically from her ex-boyfriend.  Somehow through a glitch at the nanny agency she’s in the perfect place, the middle of nowhere, to hide but these cute little girls are not the teenager she thought she’d be working with.  And their grumpy, silent, annoyed father certainly isn’t ideal either.  But she can’t lose this job so being the capable and stubborn woman that she can be, Lydia sets out to prove over a two week trial that she is perfect for this family and can learn everything she needs to know to do her job beyond just good enough.  And… maybe discover a treasure she wasn’t looking for as well.

Jon and Lydia set off sparks from their first meeting that only intensified throughout their romance.  I liked them together, they fit, in spite of not being a “ranch girl”.  Lydia’s past catches up with her and is dealt with in short order.  Jon changes the most though as we start to see the man he once was, and the father he shows to his girls, come out and live again.  I completely enjoyed The Rancher’s Twins and I’m diving into the next story immediately.  Gotta love a binge read, right?  If you love a Cowboy Romance, a couple of adorable, lively girls, one city girl with the heart of the country attitude then you’ll enjoy this series.  I’d recommend this for any Romance reader who loves a good romance, opposites attract, a touch of mystery and two people who fit from the start.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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