The Road to Ruin by Bronwyn Stuart

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When scandal surpasses discretion…

James Trelissick, Marquis of Lasterton, will do anything to free his mother and sister from a notorious pirate. Their disappearance threatens his sister’s reputation and future. Desperate after months of fruitless searching, he disguises himself as a servant for the pirate’s daughter and kidnaps her, intending to exchange the hoyden for his beloved family.

Daniella Germaine’s only wish is to be back on the deck of her father’s pirate ship, the wind in her hair, and adventure on the horizon. But her father foisted her off on her brother to join London’s marriage market and find a husband. To prove herself unmarriageable, Daniella hurls herself into scandal after scandal only to be ‘rescued’ by her handsome but disapproving coachman who takes his protection duties far too seriously for her agenda.

When the rescue turns into a hostage swap, Daniella finds herself knee-deep in intrigue and adventure that could prove as deadly to her heart as it is to her life.

Titles in the Daughters of Disgrace series include — The Road to Ruin – The Slide into Ruin –

Title:  The Road to Ruin
Series:  Daughters of Disgrace #1
Author:  Bronwyn Stuart
Genre:  Historical/Regency Romance
Published:  July 28, 2020 (previously 2014)
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

The Road to Ruin‘ begins the ‘Daughters of Disgrace‘ series with an intense, steamy, banter-filled romance between two unlikely people that captured my imagination from the start.  Although this title was previously published in 2014, those who love a really good Historical Romance will find a romp-filled, action-packed romance that will satisfy just about any Romance reader’s needs.

Meet James and Daniella.  He’s of the nobility, she’s a pirate’s daughter being thrust into the marriage season by that father against her will.  And her ‘will’ is impressively strong.  His mother and sister have been, to his mind, kidnapped by her pirate father.  As James comes up with a plan to rescue the women he loves, the only family he has left desperate times call for desperate measures… and result in a lively adventure for them both that may just be exactly what they each wanted and desired from the start.

The cover description tells you the basics of ‘The Road to Ruin‘.  What you’ll find inside those covers is a captivating look at two very unconventional people doing what they feel is necessary for the circumstances.  For James, it’s to rescue his sister and mother.  For Daniella, it’s to avoid an unwanted marriage and return to the sea that she loves.  As they race toward the coast of Scotland much will change between a desperate man and a kidnapped woman.  Anger, frustration will begin to give way to desire and even a bit of admiration… but definitely it will lead to a love that defies the convention of the times yet works quite well for Daniella and James.

I adored both of these characters.  There were moments of laughter, sizzling chemistry, frustration, and an overall feel that these two belonged together if only they’d get out of their own way and acknowledge that fact.  I had a good time with this story and definitely look forward to ‘The Slide into Ruin‘ to come.  If you love a really good love story, then you’ll want to pick up ‘The Road to Ruin‘ right now.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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