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They want different things, but they just might need each other

Barrel racer Cheyenne Whitten returns to Wishing, Texas, after an injury, determined to recuperate and return to the rodeo circuit. But living with her over-protective mother only adds to Cheyenne’s problems. Desperate to move out and reclaim her independence, Cheyenne believes a service dog is the answer. That is until she learns the waiting list for one is up to five years.

Having lost his fiancée two years ago, Cooper Abbott wants to run his veterinarian clinic and rebuild his life. A calm, stable, uneventful life. Then Cheyenne shows up asking for help getting a service dog, and Cooper finds he can’t refuse the feisty redhead.

Cheyenne and Cooper insist a relationship is the last thing they want. Cheyenne is focused on her health and returning to the rodeo. Cooper’s heart is still raw from loss. But it could be they’re exactly what each other needs.

Titles in the Wishing, Texas series include – To Love A Texas Cowboy – To Catch A Texas Cowboy – To Tame A Texas Cowboy –

Title:  To Tame A Texas Cowboy
Series:  Wishing, Texas #3
Author:  Julie Benson
Genre:  Modern Western Romance
Published:  January 9, 2020
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

To Tame A Texas Cowboy is the third title in the Wishing, Texas series.  And this one is romantic as well as poignant for Cheyenne is facing far more than an over-protective mother, she is facing a life dealing with seizures due to a brain tumor.  She’d been injured while on the circuit and the discovery of her medical problems came to light, along with her own fiercely independent nature to live her life beyond the perhaps understandable protectiveness of her mother.  (I have a son with a diagnosis that makes it easier for me to get why Cheyenne’s mom is overprotective, yet I also know that our children need to go live their lives in spite of any diagnoses, so I saw both sides to some degree)

Cooper is dealing with his own heartache as he lost his fiancée to a similar, although not exactly the same, diagnosis that Cheyenne is now facing.  He is working on a device that would help those experiencing seizures, as well as running his veterinarian clinic.  Cooper is surviving, he’s not living.  Two people who need each other are about to discover that love comes when it feels like it and no past nor future is going to change that particular emotion.

Cheyenne’s growing relationship with Penny, a service dog in training, is so full of emotions, I loved the scenes with Penny and Cheyenne so much.  Watching Cheyenne gain her independence, see that a different type of life is very possible for her, and seeing Cooper and Cheyenne lower their guard to let someone else in was such a touching, enjoyable journey.  Yes, there is sizzling chemistry as well – but it was lowering their defensive stances that really let me love this couple and root for their happy ending.

If you enjoy your romance with a bit of reality, a couple who will fight their attraction, and an adorable, helpful pup then you’ll love To Tame A Texas Cowboy.  I would definitely recommend this story, and if you get the chance go back and check out the earlier stories in this series as well.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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