Some brides like it wilder…

A single lady of birth, beauty, and large fortune should not have this much trouble making a match. Yet after two failed betrothals, Lady Juliana Bernard is in a bind. She must find a husband at once or lose guardianship of her beloved niece. Her childhood friend the Duke of Blackmore is her last, best hope, but once she tracks him down in Scotland, she receives startling news.

First, the duke is already engaged. Second, it’s his brother Logan’s fault Juliana is now lacking a bridegroom. So, what’s a lady to do when she’s lost her betrothed? Marry his scandalous brother, the Laird of Clan Kinross.

Wooing does not go well at first. But just as Juliana begins to welcome the boisterous but tenderhearted Scot into her life (and her bed), secrets come between them once more. And it will take a determined husband indeed to ensure that a marriage begun in haste leads not to heartache…but to love.

Titles in the Besotted Scots series include – The Wayward Bride – To Wed a Wild Scot

Title:  To Wed a Wild Scot
Series:  Besotted Scots #2
Author:  Anna Bradley
Genre:  Historical Romance
Published:  September 17, 2019
Publisher:  Kensington Books – Lyrical Press
My Rating:  4 stars

I enjoyed TO WED A WILD SCOT, although I have to catch up with the series for I’ve not yet read THE WAYWARD BRIDE.  That didn’t make a difference in being able to fall into this story full of the beauty of Scotland nor the intrigue that meets Juliana when she arrives.

It would be so easy to dislike Logan from the very start.  He did what he did for, in his mind, the right reasons.  He never thought of the repercussions of his actions on others, especially Julianna.  Yet, it’s hard to dislike someone who loves his country, the people he sees as his own to watch over their futures or how he feels when his brother returns home to take up his legal position.  Juliana is also easy to like for she’s doing the things, the lengths she is willing to go to for the love of another.  It’s just that two emotionally wounded people who do not trust easily are going to run into trouble when they allow misunderstandings, jealousy, and anger to get in their way.

TO WED A WILD SCOT is an emotional story that flows smoothly and draws the reader into this world.  I had fun with Logan and Juliana’s story and would not hesitate to recommend it to any reader who loves a good Historical Romance.  By story’s end, I was very happy with their relationship, for their happy ever after ending.  The road to love and happiness doesn’t always prove to be smooth but the end of the journey is well worth the effort.

Simply an aside comment – I love that cover, it’s beautifully stunning yet haunting at the same time.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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