Treasured Dreams by Susan Hatler

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treasured-dreams-collectionTitle:  Treasured Dreams Collection
Series:  Treasured Dreams
Author:  Susan Hatler
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  March 12, 2016
Publisher:  Hatco Publishing
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  NetGalley & individually purchased
Cover Description:

This book bundle includes seven short stories from the bestselling Treasured Dreams series.

Holly adores living in her small mountain town of Whitefish, Montana, treasures her beading business, but longs to fall in love. When she meets a handsome stranger at the Falling Leaves Festival, she starts to wonder if dreams do come true. . . .

AN UNEXPECTED DATE (6 pages, 1700 words).

Holly loves living in her cozy mountain town and all the surrounding beauty soothes her soul. She treasures beading jewelry for her own small business while watching nature and its amazing creatures outside her window. But, her mom begs her to move back to the city so she can find a man to marry.

Holly doesn’t want to give up on her dreams, but does that mean she’ll have to give up on love?

AN UNEXPECTED KISS (25 pages, 5200 words).

Holly is beyond excited about her first date with Dave. They share a love for her beloved small mountain resort town, plus she’s never felt such sparks for a guy before. But when her mom warns her to proceed with caution so she won’t get disappointed, Holly pulls back—until an unexpected surprise entices her to risk her heart completely.

AN UNEXPECTED LOVE (20 pages, 4500 words).

Holly receives an unexpected offer to expand her jewelry business, Treasured Creations, and she doesn’t know whether to accept the contract or not. Selling beaded jewelry at festivals in her small town is one thing, but a painful experience from her past has made her gun-shy about taking risks.

She wants to discuss her fears with Dave, her boyfriend of two months, but she’s falling in love with him and feels ashamed of her past failures.

Will opening up to Dave jeopardize their developing romance? Or will it lead them to a place more beautiful than she could’ve ever imagined?

AN UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL (24 pages, 5200 words).

When Holly’s boyfriend is offered the job of his dreams in Africa, Holly must choose between the love of her life and the small mountain town that soothes her soul.

AN UNEXPECTED WEDDING (24 pages, 5300 words).

Instead of being an excited bride-to-be, Holly’s frazzled beyond belief as she tries to plan her wedding. Her fiancé, Dave, says whatever she wants works for him, but she can’t get her mom and soon-to-be mother-in-law to so much as agree on a date.

The worst part is that her dad passed away four years ago, and she’s heartbroken he won’t be walking her down the aisle.

Holly begins to accept the wedding is doomed, but then an unexpected surprise reminds her why she’s getting married in the first place.

AN UNEXPECTED JOY (22 pages, 4900 words).

Holly is struggling with some of life’s greatest challenges, but hiking in Montana’s rocky mountains gives her much needed peace she hopes to share with Dave.

AN UNEXPECTED BABY (12 pages, 3200 words).

Holly’s already in over her head when she receives an unexpected surprise, which is beyond her wildest dreams.

Read on for my thoughts on Treasured Dreams Collection.  No true spoilers, promise.

I just took some time to revisit some old friends.  You see, I originally read and reviewed each story in this collection for my Romance Is Ageless blog.  (Yes, that is my blog up there in the quotes section – thank you Susan)  When these short stories were first released, we readers got a complete story but we had to wait a bit for the next peek into this charming couple’s lives together.  In this collection you don’t have that wait.  You could read them one story at a time or simply read them all at once and get a great sense of the life of one couple beyond their initial happy ever after.  Either way you’re going to find a lovely, fun and at times teary romance.

Ms Hatler has been very honest with showing the page and word count on these stories.  They are very short.  But, please, don’t let that fool you.  These stories give you the core of one couple’s journey into love and life.  You may think the word count is brief at first – yet those words used are the powerful ones, the ones that tell the heart of the story without any other distractions.  The focus is completely on Holly and Dave and that makes this series unique.

We follow Holly and Dave through their early life together.  From first meeting, then dating, their wedding, a couple’s struggles and the greatest joy of all.  Their journey in love is told in a loving fashion, giving us the core, the heart of their romance.  Read it in parts, or read it all in one setting either way you’ll find a charming, perfectly ordinary couple falling in love – and isn’t that extraordinary enough?

*I received an e-ARC of Treasured Dreams Collection from the publisher, Hatco Publishing and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

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