V is for Valentine by Jeannie Watt

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Three weeks to win her heart…

Investment banker Felicity Evans returns home to Holly, Idaho, to answer her injured father’s SOS. He needs her to help him meet his construction deadline on a historic property by Valentine’s Day. Felicity swings a mean hammer, but her life is in Seattle and she’s leaving as soon as the project is finished. One problem with her quick escape plan? Danny Montgomery. Years after moving away, he still complicates her life despite her many efforts to forget him.

For as long as Danny Montgomery can remember, Felicity Evans—Felix to him—has tied his heart in knots. She’s spent years avoiding him after their childhood rivalry, but, short on help, has no choice but to hire him to help her finish renovations on a keystone project for her father. This time, Danny won’t let her ignore her true feelings.

He has until Valentine’s Day to make her his. Can he convince Felix to give them one more chance and prove they’re a perfect match?

Titles in the Holly, Idaho series include – A Home for the Holidays – Once Upon A Winter Wedding – V is for Valentine

Title:  V is for Valentine
Series:  Holly, Idaho #3
Author:  Jeannie Watt
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  February 2, 2021
Publisher:  Tule Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars

V is for Valentine brings us back to Holly, Idaho for the remaining single sister’s story which is quite a roller coaster ride as her childhood nemesis proves that time does indeed change all things… eventually.

The banter, snark, and feelings fly throughout Felicity’s and Danny’s romance.  All this makes V is for Valentine a fun story as these two experience a bit of a slow burn as former enemies discover that time changes people and who they are today just might fit together better than they ever imagined.  As Felicity returns home to help out her injured dad on a job that must come in on the deadline date, she learns a few truths about how she thought things were going back home, and just how hard it’s become for her dad to compete for jobs with a larger local company now.  When an overzealous dog wipes out her dad leaving him with a broken leg as a reminder it’s up to Felicity to step in – but it’s soon obvious that she cannot finish this project alone.  The last person she’d expected to offer help was Danny.  The brat from next door that pushed buttons, got her back up and had made her childhood one long competition for one-upmanship.  Their arguments and banter are tales still told around the kitchen table so yeah, he was the last person Felicity expected or really wanted help from… but she also needed his help so time to deal with the past.

I love snark, I do, I cannot deny that – and V is for Valentine is filled with the kind of snark that I love, not really vicious but pointed and direct with a punch.  Felicity’s developing feelings for Danny bring out her snark and the banter between them is often epic.  It could be argued that these two were always meant to end up together, but both being equally stubborn, they took the long way to come to that realization.  Danny knows that Felicity will head back to the big city life by Valentine’s Day, so he has that long to convince her that what they have between them is worth the risk, worth holding onto, to open her heart to the man who has always loved her even if he didn’t know how to say that back then beyond teasing to get her attention.

I had a good time with Danny and Felicity.  We’ll run into familiar faces, and wrap up loose ends as this series (trilogy) winds down.  If you enjoy an emotional romance where childhood impressions clash with adult reality then V is for Valentine would be perfect for your reading pleasure.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Tule Publishing. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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