Witch Myth Yew Hollow by Alexandria Clarke

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Morgan Summers hates talking to ghosts, but when the victim of a ghastly murder asks her for help from beyond the grave, Morgan can’t say no.

Soon, Morgan herself is blamed for the murder, and the town is out for blood. Can Morgan clear her name, discover the real killer, and help her new ghostly friend cross over to the next life?

Titles in A Witch Myth Cozy Mystery series include – Witch Myth Yew Hollow (a combination book with #0 and #1 together) – Wild Fire – Witch Myth Christmas – Siren Song – Lost Magic –









Title:  Witch Myth Yew Hollow
Series:  With Myth Cozy Mystery #0 and #1 combined
Author:  Alexandria Clarke
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Published:  July 2016
My Rating:  3.5 stars

WITCH MYTH / YEW HOLLOW is an… intriguing beginning story (prequel) and then the first story of this series, yet I’m not really certain if I’ll continue with the rest of the series.  My reader’s eye was caught by a later title “Lost Magic” so I went back to the start of the series because that’s what I do, I start at the beginning.  And while I liked Morgan’s story I’m not certain that’s enough to keep me reading.  I may just read the two stories that seem to have a connection and leave it at that.

So as to opinion or story breakdown – nope, not this time.  I’m curious but not certain if the characters can pull this one off for me – and it happens.  I’ll dive back in at some point in the future, but not right away.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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