Witch WeighTitle:  Witch Weigh
Author:  Caroline Mickelson
Genre:  Halloween Romance, Paranormal
Published:  October 23, 2012
Publisher:  Bon Accord Press
My Rating:  4 spooky stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Tessa Von Hellengaard is a real witch. Magical spells aside, she’s snarky and selfish, and the other witches in her silent spell coven are fed up with her. Their plan to reform Tessa involves taking away her magic, saddling her with one hundred extra pounds and sending her to a weight loss spa. For good measure they call in Liam Kennedy, a charming and sexy fairy godfather, to teach her some manners.

Desperate to regain her magic and determined to shed the weight, Tessa soon realizes that protecting her heart from Liam will prove to be her greatest challenge.

Read on for my thoughts on Witch Weigh.  No true spoilers, promise.

Let’s be quite frank here – Tessa is an entitled-minded, obnoxious, magic wielding for the wrong reasons, certifiable first class bitch… erm, witch.  And she will be the first person to not let you forget that fact.  She simply does not care what anyone else thinks of her, her actions or her life.  Tessa does what Tessa wants, when she wants and how she wants.  And do not even think of trying to stop her or she’ll teleport you to the top of a crane, hung up by your pant loops giving you the most painful wedgie ever.  She’s not nice folks.

There is one thing that Tessa wants more than anything else.  A position that will take her to Europe that will allow her to teach the silent spells that her coven is famous for.  Yes, she’s applied for the spot and she expects to get it.  Again, what Tessa wants Tessa expects to get.

But not so fast.  Her coven is absolutely and completely disgusted with her and her actions.  Her entitlement days are officially over.  She’s been stripped of her magic and placed under the watchful eyes of a fairy… well, sort of a handsome, sexy fairy godfather.  And what Liam has planned for this little witch is pure justice.  Too bad he’s attracted to her and also feels sorta bad for what’s about to happen to her… in more ways than the obvious.

Witch Weigh is a delightful, laugh out loud, snicker-worthy romp of a Halloween Romance comedy.  Tessa really is quite nasty.  And Liam is actually quite delicious.  Tessa’s punishment actually fits her crimes very well.  She’s going to have to do some growing up and learning to play nice in the sandbox before she gets her magic back, or her life back.  It’s painful in a funny sort of way to watch Tessa begin to realize what an absolute bitch she’s been.  And to see her turn around and become someone far different than her former self is a fun adventure you won’t want to miss.

I loved this novella and I can’t think of a more fun way to launch my Halloween Romance category for October than with this fun witchy tale.

Witch Weigh is available in paperback, audio, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited (at this time)