Wolf in Her Soul by N.J. Walters

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Detective Reece Gallagher has spent the last decade working as a cop in Chicago so he can search for her—the red-haired woman who haunts his dreams. He’s just about ready to give up and go home to Salvation, North Carolina, when he finally finds her. But she’s the assault victim on a case he’s working on, and there’s a full-blooded werewolf who wants her dead. He needs to keep her safe and convince her she’s his mate.

Hannah Burdette has a secret she’s never told anyone. But there is someone who knows who—or rather, what—she is. There’s a stalker after her who plans to rid the world of her “impure” blood. When the cop she meets turns out to be a werewolf and claims she doesn’t have to be alone anymore, she’s wary. But where better to hide from a bloodthirsty hunter than in the middle of North Carolina with the security of a pack surrounding her?

Titles in the Salvation Pack series include:  Wolf At The  Door –  Wolf In Her Bed – Wolf On The Run – Wolf From The Past – Wolf On The Hunt – Wolf On A Mission – Wolf In His Heart – Wolf In Her Soul –

Title:  Wolf In Her Soul
Series:  Salvation Pack #8
Author:  N.J. Walters
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance
Published:  September 25, 2017
Publisher:  Entangled Publishing – Otherworld
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s been about a decade since Reece has been home, back with his family, his pack.  A dream took him to the Chicago police force.  Not that he couldn’t have done the same job back home but his recurring dream of a woman in danger, a woman who was important to his life always took place in Chicago, so that’s where he went to find his destiny or at least this mystery woman.  And after ten long years… nothing.  So he’s ready to pack up and go home for it’s obvious that he got that dream all wrong.  Or did he?

Hannah has been alone and on the run for so long now.  There is a crazy, full-blooded werewolf on her trail who intends to end her life as quickly and painfully as possible.  Her father was a wolf shifter, but he cut her loose when she became an adult… not very pack like.  But Hannah knows nothing of packs, destined mates or the safety of an extended family of people just like her.  For the last few years she’s known only terror, loneliness and fear… and to watch her back and keep on the move.  All of that will change when she’s assaulted and the cop on the case understands exactly what she’s facing, because he’s just like her.  Now comes perhaps the biggest test of all… can she trust this shifter to protect her or is she falling into another trap?

I have loved and followed the Salvation Pack series for years now.  I was captured by the first book and will follow this series until there are no more stories to be told from Salvation, North Carolina.  Wolf In Her Soul takes place away from pack land, leaving Reece and Hannah to make their way back to Salvation on their own… with a crazed stalker, perhaps killer hot on their trail.  Normally I’d suggest reading this series from the start – yet as this is the eighth story, that  might not be practical for everyone.  You “could” read Wolf In Her Soul on it’s own without knowing background, especially since only a portion of their story takes place on pack land.  In my opinion, you’ll have a better experience for reading the entire series – and it’s a damned good series – but if you can’t, then simply enjoy this one.  I would highly recommend this story and the entire series to any Paranormal or Shifter Romance reader.  You’ll find an interesting plot, likable characters and the satisfaction of a stand on it’s own story or the nuances of following a series with familiar faces.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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