Writing Wrongs by Christine Gael

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Getting divorced at 48 is hard. Almost as hard as discovering that your ancestors were part of a coven that was hunted to extinction…And you’re next.

Cricket Hawthorne’s marriage has been on life support for the past two decades, but finally pulling the plug and starting over at dang near 50 is tougher than she’d imagined. Especially when she winds up back in her hometown of Rocky Knoll living in her Mee-maw’s basement and working at her cousin’s bakery for grocery money. Not exactly the life she’d dreamed of. 

Just when she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake, she comes across an antique typewriter that gets her creative juices flowing. But when her fantastical stories become reality, she realizes her love life is the least of her problems. Something insidious is afoot in Rocky Knoll, and it’s up to her to figure out what it is, or her marriage won’t be the only thing without a heartbeat.

Titles in the Crow’s Feet Coven series include – Writing Wrongs – 

Title:  Writing Wrongs
Series:  Crow’s Feet Coven
Author:  Christine Gael
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  February 18, 2020
My Rating:  4 stars

Writing Wrongs begins the Crow’s Feet Coven series, and fair warning (which the book descriptions on other sites also states), this ends on one heck of a cliffhanger leading into the next story in the series.

After the divorce, Cricket moved back home with her Mee-Maw for financial reasons, selling the house, dividing the profit, that sort of thing.  It wasn’t supposed to be for long but thanks to a clueless ex-husband’s foot-dragging and mistakes it’s taking far longer than she ever thought.  Her kids are off to college, she’s on her own for the first time in years and what she wants to do with her life now is finally only her choices.  Or it might have been if she hadn’t run into a weird old-fashioned typewriter at a flea market, one that not only called to her but will change her life forever.  The rest of Writing Wrongs you should discover for yourself for it would be very easy to let vital bits of information slip.

While I enjoyed Writing Wrongs, for the most part, it didn’t really grab my complete attention until the second half.  I’m usually pretty good about the need for world-building in the first story of a series, but this time the story simply moved slowly for me.  The characters are interesting, the plot devious where it needs to be, smooth at other places so it’s a good story that fell in that in-between place of I didn’t love it but liked it enough to want to continue the series, eventually.  I will be frank and say that I am not in any way a fan of cliffhangers – and this one was a huge one.  That may have affected my reaction to the story.  *shrug*  I’ll be picking up the next one due out in April of 2020 for I want to see how this one actually ended before sliding into the next one.

I read Writing Wrongs through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  This title will be leaving KU after a short time, and may now be available on all platforms.

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