A Slightly Different Line Up

Posted September 4, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

lady with bookI am completely addicted to series.  Romance.  Paranormal.  Mystery.  You name the series, I’ve probably read at least one book from it.  Trouble is – I’m not getting the entire story that way.   And by reading a book here and another one a few months later… I’m missing the connection.  I expect that with established series that I follow – but with newly discovered ones or those that I ask to review through NetGalley… I’m missing a lot on those ones.

So.  I’m taking a different approach to new to me or older series.  I’m going to read and review those series until I’m caught up to date on them.

It’s probably not going to be as easy as it sounds.  Finding, then being able to afford to purchase a complete series might not always be immediately possible.  But, I believe this is worth a shot.  I read a lot and I’m a fast reader.  The trick, as I see it, will be the ability to have an entire series available to me at once.  But those are details I’ll work out over time.

I will most likely set up an additional Series Page – one that shows the entirety of a series that I’ve reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf.  It would be a help to those folks who wander around to see what I think of some complete series – as well as a guide for myself in keeping up to date on future stories in those series.

I will be doing this here – and I’ve already started over on my paranormal romance book review blog Haunted Bookshelf.  It’s an ongoing project, but one that I plan to enjoy.  I hope it’s of help or interest to you as well.



2 responses to “A Slightly Different Line Up

  1. detetiv

    I hear you, I have kindle unlimited so I mostly sway towards titles that I can borrow for free or via my library eBook catalog.

    • Marcy

      I depend on my Kindle Unlimited a lot. Best monthly bill I pay for the return on the money. 🙂 With e-readers around it’s a lot easier to afford books these days, but still it adds up. I’m slowly moving from paperbacks to more e-books. I can afford 2 or 3 e-books for the price of one paperback. hard to pass that up, ya know.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it’s appreciated