A Stitch in Time by Amelia C. Adams

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Miriam Brown has been traveling the country for the last five years, searching for a sense of belonging, but now she’s coming home to Topeka, where her grandmother has been waiting for her. She has no idea how long she’ll stay before wanderlust strikes her again. She only knows that she can’t outrun the pain she’s carrying inside her.

Toby Johnson has loved one girl his entire life – Miriam Brown. He thought they’d marry as soon as he graduated from college, but when she left Topeka without saying a word, his dreams were crushed. Now she’s back, and he wonders if this is their second chance. If only Miriam would speak to him instead of sending him away over and over again.

When the elderly women of the sewing circle hear of this ill-fated romance, they decide to give destiny a little bit of help – and there’s no limit to what grandmothers will do when the happiness of their grandchildren is at stake.

Titles in the A Sewing Circle Romance series include — A Stitch in Time – The Ties that Bind –

This series is part of the larger Kansas Crossroads world – a group of Western Historical Romances, and a Contemporary Romance spin-off that bring one town to life throughout the ages… as well as sharing a connection to other series.  It’s a world that I’ve loved and would recommend to any reader who simply loves a really good romance.

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Title:  A Stitch in Time
Series:  A Sewing Circle Romance #1
Author:  Amelia C. Adams
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  December 27, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I have loved Ms. Adams’ ‘Crossroads’ world, every single series has kept me entertained and engaged with so many characters who soon became book friends.  Now we get the chance to return to that world with a loving group of grandmothers and friends who through their sewing circle meetings (and beyond) do a bit of matchmaking for their grandkids… whether they wanted it or not for everyone knows that “Granny knows best.” in the long run.

Miriam and Toby begin this new adventure in ‘A Stitch in Time‘ where we will watch two people who loved each other once – and still do – will stubbornly fight their grandmothers’ matchmaking efforts for far different reasons.  Once upon a time, this young couple was in love, ready to settle down and build a future until Miriam simply left leaving Toby no idea as to why or what had happened.  Years have passed and even though Miriam has never found that just right place to settle in she has returned home to her grandmother – and perhaps the love of her life if she can tell Toby the absolute truth and stop running, searching for something that is right in front of her if she’d only let it into her heart.

My heart broke for Miriam.  Even as much as she frustrated me at times, or her refusal to tell the man she still loved the real reason she left – I still felt the heartache she’s running away from… and it’s not all about Toby.  Miriam is searching for something that she will not be able to find and until she understands that and opens her heart to another kind of permanent relationship she’s going to be sad and miserable.

It’s so easy to feel Toby’s frustration, his own pain, and heartache when Miriam just left him without saying a word as to why.  He’s been left all these years without understanding what went wrong, or even what he did… and even now she will not tell him.  Watching this couple work through the past mistakes, the lingering pain, and tentatively reaching out for each other was a delightful journey.  I adored the grandmothers and their unique personalities.  It’s going to be a hoot (as my own grandmother would say) watching their matchmaking efforts throughout this series.

If you love a really good romance, if finding answers eventually, even if they aren’t what you expected drives you, if watching a love that never died be rekindled… well, then, you’ll love “A Stitch in Time“.

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