Aura of Night by Heather Graham

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True evil never dies. It only waits in the dark.

All book editor Megan Law wants is to bury the memory of her brutal kidnapping and move on with her life. So when her publisher asks her to spin her hellish experience into the next bestseller, Megan agrees only because it might help keep other women safe. Then a mysterious, gruesome package arrives in the mail—a reminder that the nightmare isn’t over just yet.

FBI investigator Ragnar Johnson is running out of time. He knows in his gut there’s more to the recent Embracer killings, and he needs Megan’s help. Even with their rocky past behind them, working together now isn’t going to be easy. But when things take a deadly turn, Megan and Ragnar discover a deep connection that they’ll have to use, because something is trying to tear them apart…forever.

Titles in this trilogy portion of the entire series include — Sound of Darkness —♦— Aura of Night —♦— Voice of Fear —♦—

The entire Krewe of Hunters series includes — Phantom Evil —◊— Heart of Evil —◊— Sacred Evil —◊— The Evil Inside —◊— The Unseen —◊— The Unholy —◊— The Unspoken —◊— The Uninvited —◊—  The Night Is Watching —◊— The Night Is Alive —◊— The Night Is Forever —◊— The Cursed —◊— The Hexed —◊— The Betrayed —◊— The Silenced —◊— The Forgotten —◊— The Hidden —◊— Haunted Destiny —◊— Deadly Fate —◊— Darkest Journey —◊— Dying Breath —◊— Dark Rites —◊— Wicked Deeds —◊— Fade to Black —◊— Pale as Death —◊— Echoes of Evil —◊— The Summoning —◊— The Seekers —◊— The Stalking —◊— Seeing Darkness —◊—Deadly Touch —◊—Dreaming Death —◊—  ♦ The Unforgiven —◊— The Forbidden —◊— The Unknown —◊—  Sound of Darkness —◊— Aura of Night —◊— Voice of Fear —◊—

While I’ve read the entire Krewe of Hunters series over the years, I have not reviewed each novel, and to go back now would be quite daunting and time-consuming.  So, I stick to reviewing the more current trilogy.  

This is an adult 18+ story that may contain language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Aura of Night
Series:  Krewe of Hunters #37
Author:  Heather Graham
Genre:  Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Published:  July 26, 2022
Publisher:  MIRA
My Rating:  4.5

Aura of Night is the second novel in this trilogy within the Krewe of Hunters series.  And we are far from done with The Embracer saga; no, unfortunately even more bodies are being discovered, and with the main two suspects in prison awaiting trial… they have the perfect alibi, but Embracer-styled abductions, and murders are still taking place which means there are more killers out there doing their masters’ bidding.  When Ragnar gets an overwhelming need to check in on Colleen’s sister, Megan in New York he has no idea of what he’s walking into except all of his senses are telling him to hurry to her rescue.  What begins as a terrifying delivery quickly ratchets up to even more danger, and the need to keep Megan safe  — too bad Ragnar isn’t going to be able to keep his heart safe as well.

Ragnar’s and Megan’s story is fast-paced with edge-of-your-seat moments that come in a steady flow as more abductions happen, and cold cases suddenly have new meaning.  I enjoyed watching Megan’s growth, her use of her unique gift becoming more fine-tuned, and more trusted as the story moves on.  She has the ability to “hear” or “listen” to conversations and know the true meaning behind them, as the speakers’ real intentions come through their words.  As a book editor, words are her world, yet she’s believing in herself more and more as her insights are helping to save lives, something she, rightfully, feels exuberant about.

I loved her dog, Hugo, almost as much as I loved Mark’s dog, Red.  Both are talented in their own unique ways and play a definite part in taking down the bad guys.

Aura of Night is a good example of why I’ve followed the Krewe of Hunters for years now.  It’s a fast-paced, action-filled, paranormal romantic suspenseful journey with engaging, believable characters, some nasty villains, a budding romance for Ragnar and Megan… and the first glimmer of closure for one ghostly police officer who is always willing to help.  Next up is Patrick Law’s story, Colleen and Megan’s triplet brother.  And if his story is anything like the parts he played in this one… then I can’t wait to dive into Voice of Fear.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

Available in print, audio, or for your favorite e-reader



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