Beyond Anger, Now Simply Sadness

Posted July 5, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

I’m going to write a post that some may think should be kept to myself.  Perhaps.  Yet the way I get out my emotions is to write – whether I should or not is up to each individual’s interpretation of anger, grief, and sadness.  I can only do what is right for me… not for you.

No, I haven’t lost a loved one or a precious pet.

But I have had to purposefully delete (well, someone else did the work I just said yes) six of my smaller blogs last night – and I am slowly going beyond the intense anger at why I had to do that to that quieter place of grieving and sadness.  Grief, sad all because of a blog you might say!  And, YES, for the simple reason that I put six years worth of time, research, composing my thoughts and exposing my heart in many ways on those blogs.  So, I am indeed sad and grieving for that loss.

Greed is a vicious thing, living and breathing it makes faceless people do things without care to the consequences to others.  I lost thousands of hours of my work, my thoughts, my reactions, my emotions to someone out for a quick buck by taking what is not theirs to touch.

I’ve learned lessons, painful one, but learned nonetheless.  If you own a blog or website that is important to you, a place where you love to spend hours at a time then protect them in every way possible.  Research plugins, don’t mindlessly trust by adding any ole link to your site.  Google is your best friend in finding out what works best for what you do.  Protect what you’ve worked so hard at for so long.  For me, it’s too late for what I once had – but I learned that lesson well.  I won’t make the same mistakes again.

If you love what you do – protect it.  Keep an eye on it every day.  There are nasty people out there who don’t give a rat’s ass about you personally they just want what you’ve created.

** I can put a positive spin on the experience though – now I’ve protected myself as best I can for the moment (that’s ever-changing), I will be able to redirect my content to another website that will benefit from the additional reviews, and I spit in the eye of the bully.  Not a bad day’s work, really **


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2 responses to “Beyond Anger, Now Simply Sadness

  1. Sheila Seabrook

    Yikes, that’s terrible, Marsha! For email, I’ve gone to deleting anything that looks suspicious, although occasionally I’ve probably deleted valid emails. But plugins…whoa, I never would’ve suspected that these people have their fingers in that too. Sending you hugs!

    • Marsha

      Thanks, Sheila. It seems “they” can get in anywhere there is an opening which could be as simple as a mistake in a website’s theme design.

      Protect your sites just as you protect your work. Any website is another part of a person’s reputation online – something like this could really mess with that.