Bloggiesta Spring of 2015

Posted March 20, 2015 by Marsha in This one's a Keeper / 0 Comments

Bloggiesta-Button-2 longSometimes when wandering around new-to-me blogs on a weekly meme I find really interesting and helpful things.  That was the case this morning. Now, I definitely should not be starting up yet another Challenge (embarrassed laugh), I have so many to do this year as it is.  But this event caught my eye because it involves something I’m attempting to do here at Keeper Bookshelf (and my other blogs) — get the website in better shape and blog better.  It’s a total win-win, so how could I possibly resist?

This event is bi-annual with mini-events two more times, so in effect there are 4 times a year you could join in on this ongoing event.  Each event is short, it doesn’t run year long, some for a weekend, others (like this one) run for a week.

Aside from finding amazing new bloggers to interact with, read their blogs — there is so much to learn.  I admit, that is the main reason I’m going to jump into this one – to learn from some very generous bloggers.  Trust me on this one – if you take just 5 minutes to wander around the BLOGGIESTA website you will find a wealth of helpful information through links to past Challenge participant’s posts.  So much that I could spend a week there and still go back for more.

Now I’m off to read the rules better – get my “To Do List” in order and write my joining post.  But I wanted to put this out there to those bloggers that do wander around here – this might be something that you want to look into for yourself.  We often speak of how to improve our blogs — this seems like a fun way to join in with a lot of other bloggers to do just that.

Click on the Bloggiesta graphic or on the Bloggiesta links scattered throughout this post to find out first hand what this is all about.