Book Review Request Policy

Review Request Policy for Keeper Bookshelf

2020 UPDATE:

It is with regret that I must – for the moment – decline any book review requests.  It’s not that I don’t want to read your probably amazing title – it’s realistically that I simply do not have the time due to life away from the keyboard/Kindle, NetGalley ARCs, and a ridiculously large amount of books in my To Be Read pile that I’ve purchased and not had the time to read.  I’ve no doubt that this policy change will not last very long – but I need to take care of my things for a bit.  I am sorry, I won’t trash your email should you contact me anyways but expect a polite “No thank you, not at this time.” response.

While I do accept review requests, I cannot guarantee that I will pick your title to read and review… I may simply say “this isn’t something I’d be interested in but good luck”, it’s not meant to be rude but my time is important as well.   I’m a reader who absolutely hates to leave DNF or 1-star reviews for any book… that said, I will go as low as 2 stars for something that simply wasn’t worth my time.  Reviewing is a personal opinion, not everyone will agree with me – that’s okay.

Should there be a time frame when you absolutely must have a review done, please tell me that upfront so that I can make a decision based on my own schedule if I can accommodate your request.  I try to get reviews up within a short period of time – but life happens.  (I recently had my computer “blow up” on me and that delayed so much, so yes life does indeed happen)

However, “IF” you do not have a time frame of when your book must be reviewed by… then I’ll gladly read and review – on my time, and as soon as I can.  That is the honest truth.  I understand how important reviews are to authors.  If you do not mind a delay of several days or even weeks then send me the information through this email:

I can be reached at…

The genres that I read and review are:

Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Romance

Shifter Romance

Historical / Regency Romance

Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf