Can’t Wait Wednesday ~ I Need These Books ~ Now! #1

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When I began blogging years ago, there was an awesome weekly meme called Waiting on Wednesday that gave me so many amazing book ideas and authors that I’d never read yet to look up.  Sadly, WoW isn’t being hosted by Breaking the Spine now, so I let that weekly event fall by the side.

Recently I discovered that Tressa at Wishful Endings has picked up the mantle with Can’t Wait Wednesday.  So let’s get started and find some amazing new books to read at:


Because of those eclectic tastes of mine I’m going to put up two books I can’t wait for each week — they will be in a variety of genre maybe every now and then I’ll want something that might interest you as well.

This week I’m waiting on a Paranormal Romance/Shifter Romance for my Shifter Haven blog and that one is Tiger’s Claim by Celia Kyle


Fans of Katie MacAlister and Terry Spear will love this sexy enemies-to-lovers, paranormal romance about a gorgeous billionaire and a vengeful heroine from the New York Times bestselling author of Wolf’s Mate.

Jaguar shifter Stella Moore has one thing on her mind – to take down the anti-shifter organization that destroyed her family. Her plans are going perfectly until a sexy-as-sin stranger throws off her game and decides the only way they can both avoid getting caught is to claim her as his girlfriend. Wait! What? Now she has to fly to a tropical island and play along because the alternative is…deadly. 

Most people know Cole Turner as an uber-wealthy playboy – not as a tiger shifter who’s part of a special ops team to protect his kind. Now his undercover mission has been compromised by a redheaded bombshell, and every animal instinct he has is screaming mate. To survive among so many enemies, they’ll have to keep up their romantic act, find their intel… and absolutely not fall in love along the way.

A little further away, like in February 2019 I’m waiting for the next in the long running in Death series by J. D. Robb entitled Connections in Death

In this gritty and gripping new novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling series, Eve Dallas fights to save the innocent—and serve justice to the guilty—on the streets of New York.

Homicide cop Eve Dallas and her billionaire husband, Roarke, are building a brand-new school and youth shelter. They know that the hard life can lead kids toward dangerous crossroads—and with this new project, they hope to nudge a few more of them onto the right path. For expert help, they hire child psychologist Dr. Rochelle Pickering—whose own brother pulled himself out of a spiral of addiction and crime with Rochelle’s support.

Lyle is living with Rochelle while he gets his life together, and he’s thrilled to hear about his sister’s new job offer. But within hours, triumph is followed by tragedy. Returning from a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend, she finds Lyle dead with a syringe in his lap, and Eve’s investigation confirms that this wasn’t just another OD. After all his work to get clean, Lyle’s been pumped full of poison—and a neighbor with a peephole reports seeing a scruffy, pink-haired girl fleeing the scene.

Now Eve and Roarke must venture into the gang territory where Lyle used to run, and the ugly underground world of tattoo parlors and strip joints where everyone has taken a wrong turn somewhere. They both believe in giving people a second chance. Maybe even a third or fourth. But as far as they’re concerned, whoever gave the order on Lyle Pickering’s murder has run out of chances…

Those are my “want it now books” for this week, looking forward to checking out your choices on Wishful Ending’s Can’t Wait Wednesday.

Because my reading tastes are so eclectic, and cover a wide range of genre I’m always waiting for that next or new book — usually by a favorite author or next in a series I’m addicted to at the moment.

And… then there are the NetGalley or Edelweiss ARCs to drool over as well.

Add into that mix the (cough) numerous smaller, genre specific review blogs that I also have… and the happy fact (or sad depending on the day) is that I am constantly looking for the next book to put on my TBR or must read it now list…. well, let’s just say that I am constantly scanning the radar of new book releases and call it good.

I love the book review blogging community – someone, somewhere is always talking about or recommending a new to me author or a new release.  So to that end there are weekly events that I’m determined to keep up to date with – sorry, I do have shiny object syndrome and get distracted often from any given task – you probably visit them as well.



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14 responses to “Can’t Wait Wednesday ~ I Need These Books ~ Now! #1

    • Marcy

      I love Eve & Roarke — we’re talking addiction here. 🙂 Doesn’t hurt that I also love her alter ego Nora Roberts.

      I’m doing a re-read for a long challenge. Maybe I’m a bit crazy after all.

    • Marcy

      Yeah, there are so many books that I want to start. It’s difficult to narrow them down, but I’ll try to keep it to just one next week. 🙂

    • Marcy

      I’ve finished Leverage in Death and it was awesome… reminds me that I need to put a review up.

      I confess that for J D Robb it’s buy and read on publication day. I can’t help myself.

    • Marcy

      I have to confess that Paranormal especially Shifter Romance is my main love in books these days. And I am definitely looking forward to this one.

  1. Connections in Death sounds good — JD Robb is an author I keep wanting to read, but a standalone one. This might be a good place to start.

    • Sorry, I just realised you said it’s part of a series — I jumped straight to the blurb, commented and then went back to read the rest of your post — yeah, I was back to the front on that :/ Sorry!

      • Marcy

        No worries at all… honestly, the best place to start is with Naked in Death. It’s the beginning, and it’s a long series but who says you have to read it in a week. 🙂

        Imagine Law & Order 50 years in the future with one badass cop and one reformed thief who is now a billionaire, honest billionaire. It’s full of murder, police procedures, sexy moments and a deep love with two people who are far from perfect but right for each other.

        I do suggest Naked in Death because it’s a series much like Law & Order that builds on the recurring characters… they change, grow, have new things come into their lives over time… while solving crime. It’s really quite addicting in my opinion.

  2. I have only listened to the first two In Death books, but have the next one ready when I decide to pick it up. Maybe someday I will catch up. 🙂 Tiger’s Claim sounds good too! I’ve got a soft spot for shifter books. Have a great week!

    • Marcy

      I have such a soft spot for Shifter Romance that I created an entire blog devoted to just those Alphas, those sexy, hot Alphas lol