Catching Up & A New Direction

Posted October 1, 2023 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  There are many reasons for that —most of those reasons are private, but health, time, and energy have a lot to do with it.  Also, my reading interests have taken a turn into more eclectic wide-range genres: a bit of this, a touch of that, a whole lot of something else.  I’ve also been building another website, one that seems to have my heart wrapped up in it far more than I’d expected when I started it.  As I said, there are a lot of reasons for my absence here.

I can say that I’m shifting direction here, that I’m going back to the meaning behind the title of “Keeper Bookshelf” in the coming months.  Many viewers/visitors haven’t really “gotten” the meaning of Keeper Bookshelf, and perhaps it’s a saying, a trend of a different generation.  Back before ebooks were so plentiful, when the only books there were fit on a bookshelf, many readers had what they’d call a keeper shelf – that one space dedicated to those books they knew they would read again and again.  To me, those were always certain authors or even series that grabbed my heart and never let go.  But the meaning, to me, was, ‘This is a book I loved and would happily read again.’  To this day, there are still books, newer books, that I feel that way about.  So, I’ll go back to the beginning.  Less posting here, but talking about the books that I loved enough to read more than once.

My love of romance has never faltered, which is why Happily Ever After Romance has become my main website in recent years.  If you love romance in most genres, then I hope you’d consider visiting there and give it a look over.  Perhaps we have some authors in common.

I’ve loved my years with Keeper Bookshelf, and they are not ending; simply slowing a bit, going back to the root of what I started over a decade ago.  Just talking about books I love.  For the next few posts, though, I’ve got some reviews that really need to be written as they were caught up in those “reasons” above.  Life happens, some good, some not so great, but… life also goes on.



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