Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body by Sheila Seabrook

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An Oops and A Hard BodyTitle:  Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body
Series:  Caught Between #1
Author:  Sheila Seabrook
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  July 5, 2015
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Stephanie Goodwin has never met a prince who didn’t turn out to be a frog, but she’s never allowed her personal feelings about men and relationships to interfere with her job as a wedding planner. Instead, she focuses on giving her clients their dream wedding, a magical day to get them through the trials and tribulations of the years ahead—before everything turns to dust.

Hotshot divorce lawyer, Stone Kincaid, has an aversion to marriage. His experience has taught him that wedding vows only lead to a broken heart that never really heals and an empty bank account. But when he returns to his family’s Serendipity Island estate to stop his irresponsible sister’s wedding, he encounters the wedding planner from hell—the gorgeous, sexy woman he met and bedded a month ago.

Can a woman with a history of picking the wrong kind of guy find a forever kind of love with a man who fears commitment almost as much as she does?

This story includes a marriage-phobic wedding planner, a hunky divorce lawyer whose attitude toward wedded bliss—and family—is about to change, one really big OOPS, afternoon naughtiness, peanut butter cookies, messy family relationships, and a battle-of-the-sexes secondary romance.

Read on for my thoughts on Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body.  No true spoilers, promise.

Caught Between ~an Oops and a Hard Body is the first story in the new series by Sheila Seabrook, Caught Between.  I can’t remember the last time I giggled along with a novel as much as I did with this one.  And I double dog dare ya not to find yourself giggling or at the very least nodding with a silly smile on your face while enjoying this completely entertaining tale.

Stephanie and Stone had met at a wedding a few weeks ago.  Hot and heavy would be mild words to describe their reaction to each other.  The sex was off the charts, but the next morning Stone found an empty bed and a phony business card as the only reminder of one amazing night.  He would have gladly pursued the relationship, but it was obvious the lady had other ideas.

Slone’s family… is a bit unique?  excentric?  nutty?  Yeah. all of that and more.  When he got a desperate call from his sister about their mother setting out to ruin the wedding that he hadn’t known was taking place this weekend, Stone’s first reaction was to blow it off.  But then as his assistant tossed an unanswered email in front of him and Googled his sister and her intended – well, things got very interesting.  There smiling out from his computer screen was the lovely, sexy lady with the phony business card – standing beside his sister and an unknown man.  All of Stone’s divorcing clients would have to wait – he had a wedding and a sexy lady to get to.

Once again Stephanie had to pull off of the road and be undignified and sick as a dog in a ditch.  Damned flu.  But she wasn’t about to let it get to her since she had a wedding to plan and a very emotional bride to keep calm.  Add to that her sister’s own upcoming wedding and the craziness that was affectionately called her parents… well, calming down a bride should be easy compared to the rest of her life.  But she really should take the time to check in with her doctor, this flu just was not leaving anytime soon.  Once at the estate, a single look at the man walking through the door had her running for the nearest bathroom – and trouble.

Welcome to Caught Between ~ an Oops and a Hard Body, an absolutely delightful romantic comedy with several stories threaded throughout the main romance.  We have Stephanie and Stone, who are opposites in the marriage game.  A high strung television talk show host and her golf loving husband  – a mom and dad determined to chase away potential mates who happen to be divorce lawyers – two weddings – straying wedding members – one sick wedding planner – one sexy brother of the bride – and an “oops” that isn’t the flu.  I loved this story and these characters so much.  And I can see where there might be a couple other stories down the line – it is a series, so I’m always thinking ahead.

If you enjoy romantic comedy, if you don’t mind getting the giggles if reading in public, if your e-reader surface is cleanable from the sputtered drink that might just get spilled in a fit of laughter – then have I got a story for you.  Need to feel good and laugh today?  Then check out Caught Between ~ an Oops and a Hard Body... and let the laughter begin.

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2 responses to “Caught Between an Oops and a Hard Body by Sheila Seabrook

  1. Thank you for the wonderful review, Marsha! I loved writing Stephanie and Stone’s story, and when the secondary characters loudly popped into the book, I couldn’t ignore them. 🙂

    • Marcy

      I adored Stephanie and Stone, theirs was such a fun romance. And the secondary characters what a hoot some of them were. 🙂