Caught Up In The Past – Books That Is

Posted July 24, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

book pileThe last week or so I’m finding myself picking up older novels to read.  Not even necessarily for review (but I end up reviewing them anyway) – just I seem to be drawn to novels that I missed over the recent past.  Some are authors that I’m catching up on their back lists.  Others are series that I want to get caught up in so I can continue with the current stories and not be lost.

I have to admit that my Kindle Unlimited subscription is really getting a workout lately – and I suppose the more novels I borrow and read, the better the monthly deal is, cost wise.

I have several newer releases on my Kindle and the physical bookshelf that I should be reading and reviewing — I’m simply drawn backward in time at the moment.  I’m sure it will even itself out soon, it always does.  And I can’t complain because I’m reading some amazing stories.

Wondering if I’m alone out here in my trip back in novel time.  Anyone else get caught up in reading the “should have read this years ago” syndrome too?