Christmas at Serenity Bay by Helen Bridgett

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A peaceful Christmas in Serenity Bay? Think again!

Chloe Walsh’s skills as location manager for the beautiful seaside village she calls home have come up trumps again, and Serenity Bay is now the setting for cozy crime drama “The Montgomery Mysteries”, starring amateur sleuth Dominic Montgomery and his crime-solving dog, Agatha.

But Chloe is in a race against time. Filming has to finish before the village Midwinter Festival but schedules are tight – and a mystery saboteur is intent on slowing things down even further. Not only is Chloe facing problems with the shoot, but she also has some personal conundrums to solve – a diva actor has commandeered her flat, her mum is having a late mid-life crisis, plus she has no idea what to buy for her Christmas-obsessed boyfriend!

Can Chloe sort out her life and save Christmas for an entire village?

Sequel to Summer at Serenity Bay

Title:  Christmas at Serenity Bay
Series:  sequel
Author:  Helen Bridgett
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  November 16, 2021
Publisher:  ChocLit/Ruby Fiction
My Rating:  4.5 stars

If you loved Summer at Serenity Bay (and if you haven’t read it – you should) then here’s an early Christmas present for us all — a sequel set in the holiday season with Christmas at Serenity Bay.  I personally adore sequels or series for they let me linger just a bit longer in a world I enjoyed with new and returning characters in brand new situations.  This time around Chloe has a few hectic tasks to complete before the holiday can be deemed a success.  And we are in for a delightful Christmas romance full of everything I love about this time of year – plus a mystery to solve and lives to sort out.

Chloe is managing to put Serenity Bay on the map, or at least the tourist’s map as there is a new episode of a mystery series being filmed here which also brings an entitled star and his adorable co-star, Agatha, a crime-solving dog to the village to stir things up a bit.  But someone is out to cause trouble for this production as a nasty saboteur tries their best to slow down filming – and what they did to Agatha had me boiling mad.

We’ll get to reunite with some beloved characters as the Christmas season is celebrated, the Midwinter Festival needs to get started on time, the perfect gift for Andy, Chloe’s boyfriend, must be found… and somehow the nasty culprit responsible for the slow down on filming must also be stopped and caught.  Without giving away spoilers — I had a blast back in Serenity Bay with old friends, a few new challenges for the characters, and a simply lovely feel-good holiday setting.  Christmas at Serenity Bay was entertaining and has me hoping for another trip back one day soon… time will tell if that will happen.

This is a sequel, but you don’t “have” to have read Summer at Serenity Bay to fully enjoy it – I’d recommend both, but don’t hesitate because you are discovering Serenity Bay at this point, you can always go back once you discover what a fun experience Christmas at Serenity Bay can be.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, ChocLit/Ruby Fiction. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

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