Christmas With The Cookes by Kit Morgan

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The Present 

A girl who isn’t what she seems …

Lorelei Carson was different, always had been. She had a tough life and her chances of finding love were next to zero. She worked three jobs, barely got her first apartment, and was still enduring the lashing tongues of bullies from high school. She’d hoped once she moved out of her foster parents’ home that it would stop, but it only got worse. In fact, what was supposed to be the best night of her life became the worst when a borrowed dress is ruined and the shoes that went with it are stolen! Little did she know, her troubles had just begun.

The Past

An unsuspecting young man …

Jefferson Cooke, the eldest son of one of the famous Cooke brothers of the Triple-C Ranch wasn’t looking for love. Why bother when there were no young women around to marry? If he wanted a wife, he’d have to send for a mail-order bride and the thought didn’t appeal to him. In his mind, it was far too risky. His situation, therefore, was hopeless. Little did he know a prospect was about to show up and wearing a funny pair of shoes to boot! But that’s not all that was strange about the young woman put into his family’s care. No, there was more to her than meets the eye and Jefferson was about to find just out how much. But can two people from two different worlds find love? A better question is, can they fight it?

This story has a connection with several series that take place in Clear Creek that lightly connect.  The first Prairie Brides series includes – His Prairie Princess – Her Prairie Knight – His Prairie Duchess – Her Prairie Viking – His Prairie Sweetheart – Her Prairie Outlaw – Christmas in Clear Creek   And the second is the time-travel world of Geralyn Beauchamp (Kit Morgan’s alter ego) in the Fantasy / Time Travel genre. The Time Masters series includes – The Call – The Prophecy – The Legacy

Title:  Christmas with the Cookes
Series:  connection to Prairie Brides & Time Masters
Author:  Kit Morgan (aka Geralyn Beauchamp)
Genre:  Western Historical Romance & Time Slip Romance
Published:  November 30, 2019
Publisher:  Angel Creek
My Rating:  4.5 stars

What an absolute brilliant blending of two different times, far different characters, and definitely two unique worlds that Kit Morgan (and her alter ego Geralyn Beauchamp) have gifted readers with in CHRISTMAS WITH THE COOKES.  I actually have made notations on my online calendar for 2020 to do a re-read of the Prairie Brides series, and to pick up Time Masters series.  So, yeah, this melding of two worlds fascinates me and I want to know more and revisit what I thought I knew for little nuances I missed (although often wondered about).

Lorelei captured my heart immediately.  She has gone through so much in her young life yet she faces each day with an attitude of “I can do this”, even when faced with truly nasty people.  By the time she has stepped through time to meet Jefferson and the residents of the town of Clear Creek Lorelei shows her strength in facing an unbelievable situation, her courage in forging forward doing the best she can in this time period, and her heart in finding love and holding on tight to Jeff and the future they could have.  And what an intriguing future lies ahead for this couple.  I certainly hope we run into them again (in one series or better, both).

I loved everything about CHRISTMAS WITH THE COOKES and definitely was very happy to run into old book friends once again.  I would highly recommend this story for any reader who enjoys Western Historical Romance or Time Slip Romance but at the heart, if you love a good, emotional, funny, sad, or even, at times, frustrating love story then this one is perfect for you.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  (and I will be buying it for my keeper shelf on my Kindle)

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